Achievement 2@santosbass2: The Basic Security On Steem

Hello guys it’s an honor presenting to you my achievement 2 on steemit. Since I joined steem I haven’t retrieved my keys on steem. Studying steem I have learned a lot on keys and several functions of each key for instance posting keys allows you to vote, resteem, post, edit. Most new users should use the posting keys to login everyday. Also, the active keys is meant for sensitive tasks such as transferable funds, converting steem dollars, powering up/down transactions, updating profile details and avatar.
In addition, owner key which is used when necessary. It is also the most powerful key because it can change a key of any account including owner key. we have Memo key which is used for encrypting and decrypting when transferring funds.
I Plan on keeping my master password by saving it in my hard drive and also copy it on hard copy so that if Incase my soft ware devices fails, the hard copy I copied and saved I will be able to use it and function.
I know also know how to do transfer of my steem token to another user.


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Hello @santosbass2, please edit your post and make sure to answer all the questions. You need to explain question 4 and 5. Please use screenshots to show examples of the process. Monday, May 17th, 2021.

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18.05.2021 00:44

Hey ya!
Answer question no 4 and 5.

  • How to transfer steem.
  • how to power up steem
    Add screen shots of all the steps.
28.05.2021 18:27