Who listens to your tears?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

'Why are you crying?' A simple and harmless question arises a moment of silence, trying to answer and shed tears that replace words we cannot speak. When the answer is too painful to speak, the words are replaced with tears that refuse to be contained.

It is a reaction to the abuse in life; Very painful, no matter how long it is. The wound is still open, under which the pain is barely hidden. Life forces us to move forward even when the wound is incredibly painful. that we are the trauma of the past and now we are doing well. It lets it break until some emotion comes in pain and is expressed by trembling lips, silent words, and finally uncontrollably tears.

Trauma is caused by self-esteem, disappointment, and events beyond our control, that make us feel helpless and helpless. Extreme events change the direction of life. As much as we wish we could go back to the life that we had before the event, nothing would be exactly the same. We cannot fail to learn what we know or to change the things that actually end.

Our answer to this question, 'why cry' is the end of the matter, not the beginning. At first, those tears flowed freely, perhaps in the dark or in the shower as events unfolded and grief took the place of hope and joy. Life is constantly changed by the loss of a loved one, the rejection or mistreatment of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, a job or life, and many events. Losing a valuable item is painful and can make us weak and inadequate.

This emotional response is when something wonderful happens in our lives; Deep down we never thought that this could happen to us or we could fit into what is happening. But, a thing of the past, the tears shed in a previous event cause a tearful reaction to happiness.

why did you cry? Tears are wiped, this is a natural reaction that can end a person's fear, rejection, pain or loss or, most importantly, death. It is natural to find a secret place away from the sharp eyes of others, away from their questions when the tears fall. We feel lonely and need to be alone. We hide it in an attempt to regain control, although we know tears are important. There should be a way to express emotions. And then God has given us tears, a way to release wonderful emotions.

There is a feeling of loneliness with a stream of tears on our faces. Ironically, tears bring hope, so why not? Only when we are awake and the tears flow freely, is a good time for peace and we know that you and it is falling and pressing the pieces of our life back in their place Has started the process.

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