Coin Pots (කාසි කැට) | 5% For SL-Charity

After few hardworking days, I'm getting relax breath. Happy to say, I was able to give a complete re-arrangement for my room. This time I gave big time for my cupboard because I didn't clean inside of my cupboard for a long time. If my grandma saw that, she will say, "finally you have reminded your cupboard". Because the days she was with us, she always said me to clean my cupboard but I didn't.

After cleaning my cupboard, I packed the things in the cupboard. It's like I went to a different world. A lot of things reminded me of my childhood. My collected stamps, old coins, books, Coin pots and so many little things I have collected in my cupboard . Thanks to little Sandupi, oneday I can show them my children happily 🙊.


So guys, I thought to write about my coin pots. We call them kasi kata(කාසි කැට) in my language. When I was a kid, my mom had a coin pot from bank and since that day, when I have coins, I put them in to the pot. It was a good way to teach the saving habit for children and that is still exists. My coin pots has made from plastic aand it isn't depnd on the materiial because I have seen clay coin pots also. Therehas a small hole as shown in my picture can be enter coins.

I have no idea that coin pots are available in supermarkets. I had my both coin pots from the bank. They are offered by banks specially in first of January and in sinhala awrudu season in my country.


As I said before, I have two coin pots. My mom said to me, blue one is twenty one years old coin pot. That means It has given from the bank when I was four years old. I can remember, Sinhala awrudu season was the good time for my coin pot. Because I was rich from coins in every Sinhala Awrudu Season when I was a child. Now It's full of coins and can't enter coins anymore.

Then the yellow one. It is very new one. I had this yellow coin pot this year, first of January. Actually It had to my mom from the bank and mom gave me that. Thanks to the bank, I'm continuing my childhood habit. Sometimes we are controlled by our inner child. When I had this box, my mother told me to give it to my sister's child. But I didn't like to that and now it is full of coins too. That's why I said that Sometimes we are controlled by our inner child.

I can't guess how much rupees in the pot. As the empty coin pot fills from coins one by one, the weight increases and becomes stronger. It is harder to hold in the hand because it is heavier. That is the signal that the coin pot gives us. Take advantage of these savings now! Yes, we save money for our future use. But I hope to help someone who needs help from the money in these two coin pots.


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Saving is one of the best future investment 👍😁❤

07.05.2021 07:59

Of course yes Kalana, It doesn't have to be money... It can be food also...

07.05.2021 08:17

Collect money for a coin pots is something I have not been able to do since I was a child. 😪

07.05.2021 08:23

It's not too late bro ... start today ... 😍

07.05.2021 10:54

I will try.. 🏃

07.05.2021 18:22

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07.05.2021 11:01

@sandupi you are digging up childhood memories, Thank you...😍😍

07.05.2021 11:36

And also I hope to write about my old coins 🙊

07.05.2021 12:02

Collecting money into a coin pot and counting them is still one of my favorite hobbies. I always used that money to do something for someone. 😍

07.05.2021 13:54

It is a good saving method.... I also hope to do a good thing from that savings 😍

07.05.2021 16:39

Counting coins is one of my favorite things when I was young too

07.05.2021 14:24

In one hand it is a nice hobby. On the other hand, it is a good saving method...

07.05.2021 16:41

I had coin pots made up clay. I remember how i used take coins which i put before

07.05.2021 15:50

Hee hee I have never try to take out coins from the pot. But one day while I was flipping through the pot, l a coin suddenly fell out. From then on I stopped playing with pot. 😂

07.05.2021 16:47

Saving is one of the activities that our parents teach us since we were children, now it is a habit that many of us have and it gets us out of trouble at various times.

07.05.2021 22:42

Yeah friend, we no need waste our time finding money when we are in a trouble if we have savings😍


08.05.2021 05:10

I also have a coin pot with me. Saving is a good habit which all of us practicing since our childhood.

08.05.2021 08:12

Is your one also a plastic pot? And from whom you had that? Any bank?

10.05.2021 02:19

Yep, it's a plastic pot received from Sampath Bank.

10.05.2021 05:13

Coin pot was my best friend ever when I had money problems always😌

08.05.2021 20:25

Punchi Punchi salli prashna visadana ape viraya Coin pot

10.05.2021 02:20

Saving is good thing. I learn it from my father. He always encourage us to save the money.

09.05.2021 17:31

Let's continue that and teach that to our future generation.....
Good habits from generation to generation

10.05.2021 02:23

This reminds my childhood too. I had like 5 coin pots. I filled those completely and the best part is breaking the pots. I still have one and still put coins sometimes.😅

10.05.2021 07:55

Five coin pots 💪😍 Superb Sanuri... What did you do from that money??? 🙊 I didn't use my savings yet...

10.05.2021 10:10

I gave all those money to my mom and she deposited it on my savings account 😅
Use your savings well😁

10.05.2021 10:26

That's also good...😍 Saving from savings 😍

10.05.2021 11:23