Tale of Zeeha | a Sea Horse

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Hi all the steemians out there!

I got to know a marine art contest through a post which was published by @adeljose few days before. I’m very much interested about art stuffs though I’m an final year engineering undergraduate in a state university. Hence, I thought to take part in the contest using my drawing and writing abilities. So according to the rules I needed to publish a post with a drawing of a marine species and a story related to that picture. So I’m going to start my story.

Being a Different One in a World Full of average fishes | Tale of Zeeha, a Sea Horse

I remember the day I was born. I could see some sun rays through the water body and it was an unforgettable view for my whole life up to now. As soon as I was born I looked for my mother but I could only find a dad there. Yeah... you may not know, but in our kind, male sea horse become pregnant and carry babies. Females just put the eggs on the belly pouch of the male sea horse. So, from the beginning I’m different than others.

They called me Zeeha and I like it. More I got to know, more I saw the difference. It is true that I have many friends here on the sea bed but all of them are different. This has hurt me throughout my life and i wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

We swim vertically but others not. So we are different. I hoped that I would have teeth in my mouth one day, but they never come out. So still I’m different and I suck food through my snout.

You may think that I’m kind of innocent 😇 and slow animal. But the truth is I’m one of the deadliest. Ha ha haaahhh.... don’t read the book by its cover. 😋

When I was just a new born baby my parents used to tell stories to me and my 2000 other siblings. 😅 Yeah... as I said, we are different.

Those stories were about our relationship to the ancient Greek. If you are not aware, our genus is Hippocampus which is a combination of a horse and a sea monster. So, as I said we are not innocent.

Now I have grown up day by day and I want to go out of this place more. But I’m not that fast as I don’t have fins as average fishes. See the difference. So, the only option is engaging with some seaweed or other moving part to travel the world with the help of sea currents . My tiny spiral tail helps me with this. 😁

And on a normal morning, as soon as I woke up, I saw someone out there. Looking at me, and waiting there. A female sea horse...! The prettiest one I saw for my whole life. I was never thought of having a partner and stick to this place. Then this happened and my thoughts of the whole life faded away and forgotten just by the first sight. ❤

During the time of courtship it was amazing to swim with her and dance together in the blue sea with the rains of sun rays from the burning sun. We danced like this for hours and made a happy world together wherever we went. We are parents to 2000 small sea horses. 😍 Now, honestly, I feel okay to be different with the average fishes around.

The End

As Zeeha, just be happy with whatever and wherever you are. The world is full of miracles. 💕

I will attach some photos that were taken while drawing my sea horse. I used a Kent paper, pencils, an eraser, a ruler and a gel pen for the work.

Thank you all for reading. Hope you could know new things about this tiny little animal. ❤️

My special thanks goes to @theworldofxpilar , @adeljose @xpilar for organizing this contest.










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What a nice story! It‘s... different 😉
I rreally love the wy you tought a little about sea horses. Good and cute idea!
And your drawing is amazing like always - thanks for sharing!
Warm regards,

27.07.2020 21:02

@chriddi it is a pleasure to hear that you enjoy the story. 😍

I’m not that much good in story telling. 😅
So your appreciation is important to me.

About drawing thank you for the comments. I like them too💞

27.07.2020 21:21

Hi @sandu
It was so nice story and your art work is so wonderful! ❤️
Keep it up.

28.07.2020 10:26

Thank you @anusha96 ❤️ For the comments😍

28.07.2020 10:45

Thank you for your entry into the contest, @sandu.

Participant #12

28.07.2020 12:13

Thank you for organizing this ❤️

28.07.2020 14:27