I am Tired of Unhealthy Foods | Young Jakfruit Pickle | 5% to SL Charity


Are you someone who eats everything edible? I am not from that category. I prefer mother's food over restaurant food. I think before eat. I select village vegetables over mass growing vegetables. I like to grow fruits and vegetable within home garden.


Peel and cut into small pieces

How about you? Are you someone who likes junk fruits and artificial soft drinks? I prefer making foods at home over restaurant foods. Making food is fun and healthy than buying foods from outside. But you need to have a good partner to make foods at home. Otherwise it will be boring most of the time.


Boil + do not forget to add some salt into water

So I am blessed with a cooking loving sister @dasuni. 💖 She is ready to make foods whenever I suggest and I am ready to make foods whenever she suggested.

Sometimes, we skip important works to make foods. 😜 You know how we justify it? Oh we do everything to eat and live well ultimately. 🤤 I am not someone who eats a lot. But, love to try different foods.


Ground Ginger, Garlic and Mustard Mixture

Most of the evenings, we browsed for new food recipes. Like that we have tried a lot. Sri Lankan foods and recipes from outside of the county. It is amazing to know how some foods are made.

Amazingly, most of the South Asian foods are somewhat same and ingredients only have slight differences. Specially in Sri Lanka and India. Sometime only names are different.


Cut onions and make a cut on Green Chili using a knife

Sri Lanka is blessed with many unique, traditional and delicious foods. South Asian foods have an unique flavor due to the spices we add to the curries and other foods. I think we, South Asians prefer spicy foods more, isn't it?


Make into small pieces

Our earlier generations did not had the habit of buying fast foods from outside. So they lived longer without any big health issue. Then came the junk food generation. I think our parent's generation also somehow got attached to this bad thing and ended up with lot of non-infectious diseases.


Put a pan on flame and add the mustard mixture + vinegar

I think most of the diseases are results of bad habits and consuming unhealthy foods. While searching better ways to live, people got busy unnecessarily and searched for lesser time consuming things. After all, they ended up having lesser life times than our ancestral. Then what is the meaning of having better life? Have they achieved it well? I think they have failed in the competition.


Add onion and green chili and let it cook on low flame & add some turmeric powder

You know, it is not a secret that we consume considerably large amount of fertilizers and pesticides with mass growing fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately we do not have a proper method to assess this. So, farmers, who do not have a sense on their own county people, add fertilizers and pesticides in over doses while thinking on short term advantages.

Making a healthy nation is not a single person's duty. It is a group work that everyone can be rewarded later. At the current point, if we can not control the farmers, government institutes that are responsible of acts and policies, what we should do is thinking about your own family member. At least you can protect your family at the end.


Add smashed young jakfruit + salt | Avoid water for a long lasting pickle

Grow your own fruits and vegetables at home garden as much as possible. Make your own foods at home. Use trusted brands. Read and search for the ingredients carefully. Do not be a blind customer. If you do not have a home garden, try different methods to grow. Or otherwise buy vegetables and fruits from village fair. Let's make a healthy generation at least now before it gets too late.

Images were captured while making young jackfruit pickle. Jakfruit is one of safest food in the world according to my point of view. No fertilizers or pesticides are added to them. Make sure to buy as a whole fruit instead of pieces. I just gave steps of making the pickle. Search and find the original recipe.

Have a healthy and wealthy life! Enjoy homemade foods!

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Young jackfruit pickles are very popular here and I know it is very tasty to eat

24.04.2021 09:07

ah you are a food lover 🤗
yeah it is tasty and this is my first try and I just followed my guessed ingredients. 🙈 may be the recipe is different from your one. or may be same.
anyway. thank you Tania for visiting.

24.04.2021 12:08

Yaa Little true :D

No we don't have much difference, but we mix tamarind with it.

24.04.2021 12:16

oh a small difference 😉

24.04.2021 12:27

So I am blessed with a cooking loving sister @dasuni. 💖 She is ready to make foods whenever I suggest and I am ready to make foods whenever she suggested.

Mn owa kala mahath weddi tmy epa wenne🤣

24.04.2021 09:30

same goes with me

24.04.2021 12:09

Me monada me miris karal uyanne😂

24.04.2021 10:47

ow oyata genath dennam campus eddi. 😏😏

24.04.2021 12:10

Apo matanm epa mewa🌝

24.04.2021 12:18

liyapu eka kiyawanne nathuwa photo balala comment karannee meya

24.04.2021 15:37

Ethin wibaga asse owa kiyawanna puluwanda😂

24.04.2021 15:44

But but but palm oil is bad 😛

24.04.2021 16:30

What you are saying n your message is great. We need a generation who gives the first priority for their health. 💕

25.04.2021 08:04

yeah otherwise our future generations are also in a trouble and risk. 😊

25.04.2021 14:14

I did not eat that I had something more delicious that that at home🤭 Gonna eat in the other time. So be careful🤣🤣

25.04.2021 11:52

no you will not. you have to have Malley pickle in the list before that. it is more delicious than this.

25.04.2021 14:16