Overcoming negative thoughts

Overthinking is a thought process where people try to reduce the expectations by considering the worst possible events. Hunger, stress, common cold sleep deprivation can lead to negative thinking. Negative thinking can make you see yourself as a loser or make you call yourself names which include “I am a lose” , “I am a jerk”, “I make too many mistakes” “I am not worthy” , “I don’t know what I am doing”. “No one cares about me”e.t.c
A study shows that negative thinking decreases your brain ability to think, reason and form memories.

Continuous thinking that negative thought should leave me, that the thought should leave me will only strengthen and solidify the thoughts in your mind.
Know that your thoughts are not yours, they are like passing clouds, it’s could come at any time. When you hold on to a thought, it sticks to you. An idle mind could be a greater generator of negative thoughts. So, try to keep your mind busy with little work. You can try listening to music, reading, watching movies/news or engage in physical work to try and keep your mind busy. If you resist a little and try to do any of these, you can gradually eliminate negative thinking and come out of the vicious cycle of depression. All your negative thoughts are mere illusion. Okay! Why don’t you try look at things at different perceptions.... think of something good when you see anything new, look at a mirror, laugh at things or try to recall any good you have done to keep your mind at ease!! This will help you.

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Always try to be positive, form a self image that you are doing something positive (you could be thinking of being a super hero and saving the world from disaster) I do this a lot sometimes, lol . Think positive, talk positive and do positive and trust me. you will see the results in no time. Try to be aware of your negative attitudes, observe them and try to accept that they will be part of you for the rest of your entire life on earth.

To overcome negative thinking, follow any these:
-Try to distract your mind against negative thoughts. (Think of something great you have done)
-Talk about it with your loved ones, tell them how you feel and what’s on your mind. It will lighten up your mood and make you feel better
-live in the moment and try to focus on a task and avoid thinking of past mistakes or future fears.
-Stop overthinking, it is caused due to fear (for example, whenever you are at your lowest moment, that fear is triggered whereby you starting having negative thoughts coming to you and slowly you start getting depressed)
-Be your own companion.

-Catch up with your friends and get along with the conversation. You are unlikely to think when socialising.
-Whenever you start having negative thoughts. Take a piece of paper, write it down, squeeze it nicely and throw it away in the trash or you could burn it (in a safe place). With this you have trashed the negative thoughts and feelings.
We actually believe that it’s about brain that do the thinkings, perhaps! It’s true. Overthinking is bad of for your health and mind. In reality the brain is just performing it’s functions by interpreting the body language and sent to the brain by brain chemicals (the neurons) in which it works like a messenger.

Negative thoughts is very dangerous to your body and can affect your mindset:
Chest pain
Sleep paralysis
Weight loss
Rise in blood pressure

Types of Negativity

Jumping to conclusions in the assumption that something bag will happen
Blaming others for your personal problems
Using your emotions to define what is real and not
Thinking if a person changes, you would be happy

Shyness and Anxiety can also stop you from loving the life you want. When something seems to be consuming your mind, try meditating or writing it on a piece of paper. This process have always worked for me, not only do I get a sense of relief, I often come up with creative solutions that I hadn’t though of before. Note that the sole purpose of this is is self expression.

If you are always overthinking and allowing your negative thoughts into your brain. It could be overwhelming to the extent that you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. Try meditating (Headspace is an application for mental training) you can get it on the Goggle play store for Android. ( I want you to know that I am in no way affiliated to Headspace, it’s just a recommendation because I use it). The programs lasts ten days and it’s free to use. Just spare ten minutes of your time everyday and watch your life enormously easier.

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At some points, negative thoughts might come up but it is left for you to either give it a place or to fight it. Most times, negative actions are direct result of negative thoughts. If you begin to entertain negative thoughts, they will grow into negative actions.
Nice piece there buddy

12.04.2021 18:34