SAND(San Diego Coin) COmmunity Launched! Post heer AND use #sandiego hashtag and we can now have moderated posts and a reddit style atmosphere!

San Diego Coin has its own Obligatory Steemit Community!

We will also point OR to this hive ;)

As Steem grows, we will see more people use San Diego COin as I popularize the use of city hashtags as that ONE hashtag you can always count on. City states were all the rage in Ancient Greece and isnt that what we are building? new Greco ROman Empire on Blockchain for the west while East creates heavenly blockchain for East


I hope to see a city token or community for every city, I may just create tokens for all the biggest cities, create an Upland style system and sell their own virtual real estate back to the residents :D
SAND is Available to Trade here and if you want free Trading lessons for San Diego Residents i will start holding them at the Lestats Cofee shop if people show up! I may doa LIVE STREAM trading course over twitch as well where I do NEWDEX live stream trading!




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Anything going on with SAND ? I have a bit of it.

09.01.2020 05:49