Achievement 2 @ sandie2021// Basic Security on Steemit//mentorship by @cryptokannon

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The word 'Security' generally has to do with activities involved in protecting something or someone against attack,dangers etc.
But in this contest, basic security on steem refers to how one can protect his or her steem account from being attacked, stolen or hacked.

Have you retrieve all your keys on Steemit?

Immediately you sign up under steemit, you are given your master password. This master password is then used to retrieve all the other keys such as Posting key, Active key,Owner key and Memo key. After retrieving all the keys,the master password is saved and kept safe while the other keys are used going forward.
I can say 'YES' I have retrieved all my keys on Steemit. When I signed up, I was given master password which I used and went to my steemit. com wallet and retrieve the all my keys.

2) Do you know each of these keys functions and restrictions?

Yes, the summary of the functions of these keys are as follows:

a) Master password: This is the password you get after signing up. It is used to generate all other keys including the owner key, after which it is kept saved and secured and it is only used again when going through the account recovery.

b) Posting keys: This key allows accounts to post ,comments, edits, vote,resteem and follow or mute other account. This key is used to log into Steemit every day.

c)Active key: This key is meant for more sensitive tasks such as transferring funds, poser up and down transactions, converting steem dollars voting for witnesses,updating profile details and placing a market order.

d)Owner key:This key is not used all the time except when necessary. It can change any key of an account, including the owner key. It is stored offline and only used to recover a compromised account.

e)Memo key: used for encrypting and decrypting memos when transferring funds.

How do you plan to keep your master password?

I plan to save my master password and keep it somewhere safe.I plan to store an offline copy in a digital offline storage such as a flash drive as well as a printed paper.

Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?

Yes I can transfer my steem token to another steem user account using the following steps:

Login to your steem account using your account username and posting key; Click on your image at top right; Click on wallet next to logout,it takes you to your steem wallet; Sign in with your username and active key and click login. On logging in, click on the drop down arrow close to steem and select transfer. See image below:


Then type in the username of the account you are transferring to; Type in the amount and click next. See image below:


Then click next to confirm the transaction.

Do you know how to power up your steem?

Steem power allows you to comment and perform transactions like posting but also increases your stake. So to power up your steem, it is done from the wallet environment. Click on the drop down arrow close to steem and select power up.See image below:


Then type in the amount and click power up. See image below:


I am grateful to @cryptokannom,@kiwiscanfly and @ngoenyi for their assistance to newbies.

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