Kayaking North Peru...Chillin Time With @Sandflea

Click on the image above to watch a fun/short video.
The waves were small today here in northern Peru so I was going to take it easy and do nothing at all. I am glad that my friend was more bored than myself and therefor motivated me to get out of the house and have some fun. I have been wanting to try out these smaller kayaks I have, and today we made it happen. Put on some sunblock and come join the fun. All you have to do is click that play button to experience a great time here in the Pacific Ocean of northern Peru.

We took the small kayaks out for the maiden voyage today and had a great time. Why don't you grab a paddle and hop on board the yak to enjoy the ride. The sun is shining, the water is warm, and there are many cool sights to be seen. I was feeling lazy today and not motivated at all....so I am glad my buddy suggested we take out the perception kayaks for a cruise. Let us check out Lobitos, Peru from a different perspective. Don't forget to grab something to drink on the way over to the beach. Enjoy

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