When you want to travel, but ...

I admit I am a lazy ass. I hate travelling, but whenever I see my friend's posting lovely images of their recent trip I get a little jealous and make up my mind to go on a vacation, but they moment I see my boys engage in an impromptu wrestling match I change my mind and convince myself that I am better off at home.

My boys are super naughty and look at each other as enemies. Well, I know that's the essence of childhood that they will miss when they grow up, but the enemity makes me go mad sometimes. They jump at each other for no reason et al. Sometimes they won't even know what they are fighting for. I travel only when it is absolutely unavoidable, vacations are not my cup of tea till they join hands.

Getting back to the point, my friend recently went on a vacation to Kedarnath in northern India. She sent me few pics as usual to make me burn and the purpose was served. The place is heaven on earth and I was fuming with jealousy. After cursing her for her luck, I was pacified when she told me that she would guide me if I decide to go there. That's when it struck me that I would not go there for atleast another 5 years.

Here are few pics of that paradise.

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