Indian Maids

Indian maids can be considered as the most badass community of this country. They are valued and adored by the working class females. Domestic helps, as they are elitely referred to, are the need of the hour. One cannot manage house and work single handedly and maids help a lot in managing life. Well, it is not just the working class who feel the need for maids, even house wives feel it is better to have a help than do things by themselves.
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My cousin, a rich merchant navy wife, has an army of maids at her service. They do everything for her, right from chopping the veggies to ironing her clothes. Her life gets topsy turvy even if one of them goes on an unannounced leave. She is so depended on her maids that she cannot imagine her life without them. Her domestic helps are well paid and instructed to arrange an alternative in case they plan to go on leave for any purpose.

Her dependency on maids look fab to the outside world. I was awe struck by her lifestyle, but it hit me real hard when I saw her unable to do many simple tasks like sitting on the floor or bending to pick something up.

The maids at the same time take undue advantage of the attention they get. My neighbour has a maid who just cannot stop gossiping. She tells my neighbour about other homes she works at giving her a picture that she is the best employer she has ever had then goes on to other houses she works at and repeats same behaviour making her a favourite among her employers.

Finding a good domestic help back here in India is like mining a diamond. I have given up on maids and have decided that I would do my work myself.

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thts same like our Bangladesh........

26.07.2019 19:31