Achievement 2 ;basic security@samuelj


This is a password that owns veto power on the account of the owner, and it is used in performing or carrying out all manner of functions, such as the realization and generation of other keys which makes it pivotal and vital to the user which he/she must heavily guard it with utmost care,this is because in an eventuality that it gets to the wrong hands the owner can loose his/her account,money and many more.

This key is a very powerful key because it can be used to change any key in an account and also used to regain or recover an account that has been infiltrated or compromised.

This key is used to transfer, fund, power down or power up transactions,voting for witnesses, convert steem dollars, place market or dear and update profile details

This is the key that allows account owner to post comment,vote,edit,resteem and follow or unfollow other account .

This is used or its function is encrypting and decrypting memos when making trandfer of funds. it Should be noted that for you to encrypt a memo,you must make use of the pound or #sign before it.

This keys that are mentioned are very vital and it is of utmost importance that they are kept safe because if it gets to the wrong hands ones account may be hacked and compromised and might never be gotten back.

Below are ways of transferring steem token to other accounts;
I logged into my wallet,sign in with my active key clicked on steem dollar it drops down arrow I clicked on transfer.


I input the user name of the one am
makingI the transfer to,lastly I create a memo,submit and confirm with my active key.


So much thanks to @ cryptokannon for the original post on the significance of keeping our keys safe also a big thanks to @yogi for reposting the importance of the safety of this keys.
Thanks so much i really appreciate

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