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Greeting to everyone and the entire Steemit crew. You guys are doing a good job, even though everyone still cannot be satisfied, but keep up the good work.


This evening I decided to prepare my dinner. Most times people feel that guys aren't good in the kitchen but I can bet you most of the best dishes are usually prepared by men. I hardly eat out, so I do my dishes myself.



This evening it's me and my kitchen. I decided to prepare Portage plantain, took a list of what I needed though I had some at home and some I had to buy.

My Ingridents

Plantain (ripe)

Scent leaf

Palm oil



Stock fish


Like I said some of the ingredients I had to buy since, I did not have them in stock.

My Procedures
It's a very simple process though.
First, washed my pots, plates and got them ready for the job.


Set my pot on the gas cooker and poured about half of litre of water into the pot to steam.
Washed and chopped my plantain into small piece, not too small though.

As the water was steaming, I poured my chopped plantain into the pot and allowed to steam alittle.

Also chopped my scent leaf into smaller pieces and sliced my Onions and washed my stock fish
Slowing poured the onions into the already steaming plantain on fire, after a few minutes I added my onions, then my pepper, Maggi, followed by the stock fish, lastly I added the scent leaf as I needed it half cooked.



Stirred it alittle bit and allowed it to cook for another five(5) minutes before putting off the gas. Well I never mentioned If I did taste the food, sure I did ooo, it very delicious, very natural, no spices.

Started the process by 5pm and by 6pm dinner was ready. You are all invited got dinner.

Thank you

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