Knowledge And Its Application

Acquiring Knowledge is very important, at least, it is the live wire of any successfully thriving society, but much more than that, application of knowledge is the most important thing. Believe me, there will not be any use for knowledge if it is not applied.

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The truth is, getting certification is good, but if you cannot relate what you have learnt to real world's challenges to proffer a real solution, then for what point is the knowledge to you and to others?

Whatever knowledge you may think you have in any field, there are people that have bigger knowledge in the same field - the only thing that gives you an edge is your application of the knowledge. It might interest you to know that some big and upcoming companies care less about certificates but what you can do for them - and that comes down to the application of knowledge.

The only proof of the knowledge you have acquired is the level of result you are able to command. This is the reason you should not just focus your attention on gathering knowledge, but you need to focus on relevant knowledge and its application, so as to have a tangible and evidential result.

If everything you focus in life is about theory (knowledge acquisition) without practical application, then your knowledge is very bleak. There is always room for practicals and not just theories.

Can I tell you this? You can have the same knowledge with someone else but your application; if taken to a higher and newer level; makes you to be more celebrated in that particular field.

There are many ways where your acquired knowledge can be applied. First of al, it is worthy to note that every great invention came primarily as a solution to, maybe, an age-long problem. For example, aeroplanes came as a solution to traveling challenges - this is a practical application of the knowledge of aerodynamics. This is to prove to you that your knowledge is substantiated by your practical application of it.

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Peace on y'all

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Well said. Thank you for this

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