I Sucked The World's Spiciest Lollipop for 5 Minutes & This Is What Happened | Toe of Satan

Taking on the insanely painful Toe of Satan Challenge. This NINE MILLION Scoville lolli packs an intense amount of flavor. Can I take the heat?!

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About Me:
I'm a 5'2 women's physique bodybuilder on a mission to build muscle and conquer food challenges, restaurant challenges, and epic eating feats. Grab some food and join me as I combine fitness, food, and fun! And hey...its okay, I'm bulking!

Music by DVNNYBEATS - Ramzoid - https://thmatc.co/?l=EBA5F395
Music by Muciojad - The Netscape
Music by Ryan Little - For Hyrule! - https://thmatc.co/?l=70858AB6

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