thediarygame contest session 02/05/2021My today's day spent in the forehead

I hope you are all well. Praise be to God. I'm fine. I started this morning. I was getting a lot of sleep. I didn't want to get up in the morning, but in that case I had to fast. I woke up early after saying goodbye to my sleep. My mother-in-law was arranging for sehri. I got up, washed my hands and face and helped them. After performing sehri together, I offered Fajr prayers and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was eight o'clock in the morning. I got up quickly and did the housework and ironed my husband's clothes. When I finished, it occurred to me that I have to go to the bazaar for Eid shopping today. I talked to my husband. I don't know. He took me to the bazaar for shopping today. He told me to get ready quickly. Go, there is not much rush in the market in the morning, so I will bring you the things you need and leave you at home and go to work. I got ready to go to the market quickly and we both When I left home to go to Azar, the weather was cold and it was getting very cold. Took some medicine from the pharmacy.
Then we will enter the bazaar where we first went to the Redmet fabric shop. I had to buy my leader so we went to the cloth shop.
As we entered the clothing store, we saw a variety of silk fabrics.
Then we asked the shopkeeper to check the variety of summer so he checked all the shirts in terms of heat in which I liked a black color shirt which we asked for the price which we got for twenty eight hundred rupees.
Then we liked another shirt with it which was in golden color. We also bought that shirt. After buying both shirts we paid the money and went to the next shop.
Where I had to buy a shoe to wear at home he bought it alive to get to my house. From there I bought a shoe to wear at home in the water which I got for three and a half hundred.
Then we went to the next shop where I bought a print suit for myself two days ago which was given to me for sewing. I bought the things to put on top of the dress for sewing my own dress which we Then I went to the nut shop where you can find all kinds of piping nuts and lace etc. From there I bought different types of lace etc. to put on my dress.
Then we started coming back home. When we were coming on a motorbike on the way, I took a selfie of myself on the motorbike on the way. There was greenery everywhere. The weather was feeling very pleasant. See the nursery where I told my husband to stop the bike. We stopped there for a while. I made some pictures of myself with a vase of flowers.
There were all kinds of small vases with all kinds of beautiful flowers in them. I grabbed the flowers and took my picture with them. This temple was located on the side of the road where he recited the Surah. They kept small flower vases so that everyone who came and went would buy flower vases.


I came a little further and saw that they had put some plants in the soil in the shopper and they were looking very cute. They also looked very cute. He made a picture of himself sitting next to these plants. That scene looked very lovely.
Then I took two flowers in my hand and took a picture with them which were roses and their fragrance was spreading far and wide. We met the owner of the nursery here and we asked him the price of different plants. So they told us the price was too high. My husband insisted that if we rate a little less then we have to buy 2,3 vases for the house. Began to return
When we turned back I took my last picture with these plants by the side of the road. Then we came back home. After returning home my husband left me and went to work and I fell asleep to rest when I woke up. So it was time for Asr. I got up and offered Asr prayers
So my mother-in-law brought me some tandoori and chicken. She said to me, son, today we will make sticks and chicken. Later I made bread and cooled watermelon with it and I made milk soda for iftar.
Since I was alone at home, I did not break my fast alone in my room today. My mother-in-law does not eat iftar. She only drinks. She prays Maghrib and then eats. After eating together, I offer Maghrib prayers, so I put my food on my bed and after breaking the fast, I offered Maghrib prayers. So late, my husband came home from work and we all chatted Apply and now I have come to my bed after Isha prayers. Now I am getting ready for bed. Goodbye.

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You have a different way to post. Keep it up dear

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Thank you so much

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Carry on jatta

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Hello bhaijaan Assalam Walekum You are driving very good and your car is very beautiful and very nice

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