The dairy game 07/05/2021I had a great day in the fields

Hello friends!
I hope you are all well. Alhamdulillah, I am also fine. Friends, when my morning started today, there were forty minutes left until the end of the time for sehri. I got up early and arranged for sehri. I prayed Fajr and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was eight o'clock in the morning. I remembered that today I am going to see corn husks in the fields. I insisted on my husband to take me to the fields on a motorbike. At my insistence to see my crops, my husband took me on a motorcycle to the fields, where I first peeled the corn husk to see if it was ready to be sown. So the song Dana Phil was ready. It was edible. I like to eat stuffed grain knives. I broke some knives at home to eat by frying them.
Then we rode our motorbikes through our crops. When I got out of the corn crop and sat on my motorbike again, the sun was shining so brightly that our eyes could not stand it. The seat of the motorbike was also completely warmed by the sun. When I sat on your motorbike, I felt very hot. I folded the sheet I had on my head and held it in my hand. I wore hijab because the chador was big, it was feeling very hot, when I came and sat on the motorbike, my husband was missing, I looked around, he was coming from one side, he also looked at the crops and went back to the motorbike. I told him with a gesture of eight to come back soon. I can't stand the rays of the sun. He put a smile on his face and said, "Sir, we are coming towards you." We rode our bikes in the field.
When we went to our fields, first I looked at my vegetables, first I saw green chillies, each bud of green chillies was full of green chillies, I checked the green chilli plant sitting below. Is there a green pepper on all sides which is very useful for health? Green pepper is very useful for stomach and liver. We grow all kinds of vegetables in our fields and the vegetables sown in our fields. I used some green chillies from the green chilli plant to use for cooking vegetables at home. Along with these green chilli plants, there were also small green chilli plants that looked very lovely. We have planted a whole bunch of green chillies which we take care of ourselves.
Then I went to another plant of my crop which was a tomato plant and this plant was just starting to grow tomatoes which looked very lovely green tomatoes. I grabbed the tomatoes in my hand. Make a selfie with them. I love all the plants in my fields and I often come to see them. Tomatoes are also used in vegetables. Tomatoes are used in almost every vegetable. There is a huge demand for tomatoes in Pakistan. The people of our country import tomatoes from India while the cultivation of tomatoes in our country is less. Tomatoes are used to enhance the taste of vegetables. Using tomatoes enhances the taste of vegetables. Tomatoes are also used in salads. We plant tomatoes in our fields because we use the vegetables and fruits of our fields.
After that I went a little further and I saw an eggplant plant with three small eggplants on it which looked very cute as well as a whole row of eggplant plants. Holding the plant in his hand, he took a selfie with it. There were three small eggplants on it. They looked very beautiful. It is the power of Allah Almighty. How does a plant produce fruit? These green plants are very attractive There seemed to be a glimpse of nature in these plants.
When I got up from these plants, there was a very shady tree standing over me, which was very tall in length. This tree was a white tree, which is very tall and its leaves are long and its The height of is very high. When the strong wind blows, its branches sway and the wind blows so fast that the person sitting down can feel it. Should not be severe.

We have also planted sugarcane crop in our crops for animal fodder. I stood here with the command and made my own pictures. These sugarcane plants have been planted for the animals. We have also planted sugarcane in our fields. Here in our crop there are sweet sugarcane which we also use for food at home. From here I broke two or three sugarcane to eat for my house and its small I made small pieces and brought them home. This is my activity for today. I hope you like it. Goodbye

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  • Nice effort.
  • Keep on posting here, you will get reward soon.
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Thank you brother

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Masha Allah, you have liked my post, you have some maize crop and other crops in it, we have posted pictures and apart from this you have written a lot of what you have written in it. We like you brother

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MashaAllah very nice effort and amaizing capturing nature good luck.
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Thank you very much

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