The dairy game 04/05/2021Today has been a frustrating day for me

Hello to all my friends!
Friends, my preoccupation today was that when I woke up this morning, it was time for Suhoor. I got up, washed my hands and arranged for Suhoor. After Suhoor, I offered Fajr prayers and recited the Qur'an for a while. When I finished reciting the Qur'an, I started having pain in my ribs. I went to bed to ease the pain. As soon as I lay down on the bed, the pain would go away a little bit. Then I fell asleep when I woke up in the morning. It was half past seven. I got up and hurriedly pressed my husband's clothes. After that I dusted and cleaned the dishes. Today it was my turn to install the machine. I had to wash the clothes in the machine but as soon as I finished the machine. If the switch is switched on, the machine will suddenly stop working and then I will wait for a long time but the machine did not work but I think there is something wrong with it. What's more, she came to her room and lay down. I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was past noon. I made vegetables and started arranging dinner. Cut the watermelon and put it in the fridge
I also made pickled rice which I like very much. After arranging all the iftaar, I made iftaar food for myself on my bed, so it was time for iftaar and I broke my fast.

Today I ate tandoor bread in iftar which I like very much. I ate lentil rice and lastly I ate watermelon. Eating watermelon fills my body with water. After that I offered Maghrib prayers. I hope you like my activity today. Remember Allah in your prayers.

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Your post is very nice By reading your story feeling is such that today you have eaten watermelon with great fun.

04.05.2021 16:32

Thank you so much

04.05.2021 22:54