Age 16: How I went from $300 to $100,000 in 12 months

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To recap:

  1. Intensely visualising myself as above the number
  2. Reframing the way I saw the number
  3. Putting in the work

This is how I made more than everyone else I could be put in a room with. This is how you will, too.

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The life of an Entrepreneur 💯

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16.08.2019 06:55

You have the mindset of billionaire

16.08.2019 08:02

Good idea. Good post.

16.08.2019 17:18

I once went from .1 to 0.0 Ask me how I will tell you. My mom got put on hospice. I struggle everyday because I am unable to work as she needs 24/7 care.... I wish I had just 10k. Let alone 10 BTC..... 37V6dE1fJA2Hj2mg31y4oghkmX8oW2uyu8

17.08.2019 05:36

Start to buy some Steem then if you really made that much ;-)
Now is near ATL satoshis speaking so a damn good opportunity to enter.

17.08.2019 16:36

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23.08.2019 06:52