Will the rainforest save Brazil?

Brazil is apparently not doing much to save and care for the rainforest and its inhabitants, but now, with the international attention turning towards the country’s corrupt government, maybe its the rainforest that will save Brazil. Let’s hope and let’s help!

The racist and fascist Bolsonaro government flies under the international radar for a while now, and as the world is mesmerized by the drama of some more annoying criminals on the international political stage, the Brazilian government set out to slowly destroy the social achievements of the preceding governments since the time of the military dictatorships: equal opportunity and inclusivity of the poorest - not something the rich and “white” minority in the country likes to talk and care about.

The whole ascent to power of the Bolsonaro government is like a season in Game of Cards. Glen Greenwald and the Intercept has done a great job in documenting and exposing their crimes, but so far with moderate impact, as the international attention was mostly lacking and the domestic news is dominated by similarly corrupt and fascistophil Globo Network, that managed to twist the truth and spread the lies which directly contributed to the coup against Dilma and PT (Brazilian Workers Party). It was not the alleged corruption of the PT government, but the criminal desire to do away with their socialist politics and embrace the new fascist trend from the north (Bolsonaro is called Trumpinho - little Trump, in Brazil) and start the sellout of the country to enrich the few in power.

Instead of repeating their crimes here, I will link some articles and leaks from the Intercept and the international press. I claim that some things are so bizarre, that it’s almost entertaining to read... but the gravity of the situation calls for action!

This government has to go! Bolsonaro needs to be impeached and put in prison together with “judge” Moro and the rest of the pack. Free Lula! Save Brazil and the rainforest! Demonstrate, boycott, act now, PLEASE!

Interview with Lula in prison: https://theintercept.com/2019/05/22/lula-brazil-ex-president-prison-interview/

The leaks: https://theintercept.com/2019/07/05/scandal-for-bolsonaros-justice-minister-sergio-moro-grows-as-the-intercept-partners-with-brazils-largest-magazine-for-new-expose/

Bolsonaro “wannabe dictator”: https://www.rt.com/news/465226-brazil-president-greenwald-threatened-jail/

Treats against Greenwald: https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Brazil-Bolsonaros-Lawmaker-Threatens-The-Intercept-Journalist-20190614-0007.html

Attempts to silence Greenwald: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/glenn-greenwald-has-faced-pushback-for-his-reporting-before-but-not-like-this/2019/07/11/9a7f3590-a1b1-11e9-bd56-eac6bb02d01d_story.html

Transparency about the “counter investigation”: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/16/brazil-glenn-greenwald-investigation-bolsonaro

Little victory: https://theintercept.com/2019/08/08/brazil-supreme-court-glenn-greenwald/

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