Crypto Academy Week 13 - Homework Post for Professor @yousafharoonkhan

This is Week 13 of Steemit Crypto Academy and I'm writing Homework Task for Professor @yousafharoonkhan

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Write the definition of Decentralized and Centralized Social Media Platforms in your own words.

Decentralized Social Media:

In simple words, This type of platform is open for all users and has no obligations regarding any aspect. The developers don’t interfere with the accounts on the platform and are given unrestricted access to do anything.

Decentralized social media is a type of network which runs on an independent set of servers and Steemit is a prime example of a decentralized social media network. It makes use of social blockchain which allows data to be stored anywhere in the world.

Decentralized networks are becoming popular because individuals can run them on their own terms without any oversight. They give users freedom and autonomy to decide how their network behaves.

Centralized Social Media:

In simple words, This type of platform is under authority with the hold and is in charge of every action on the platform and its account.

Centralized social media is our day to day daily social media that we use such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. In centralized social media there is a singular repository where the data gets stored and it is controlled by an organization controlling it for example, for a Facebook user Facebook is the authority that makes all the rules, Facebook decides who gets the access to his servers’ data and in which amount.


Explain in your own words the difference between decentralization and centralization Social Media Platforms

Difference Between Centralized and Decentralized Social Media Platforms

The centralized platforms do not give complete freedom to their customers to run their business or even their ideas. Their views may get banned if they do not follow the rules and regulations of the website and the platforms. In contrast, on the other hand, compared to the decentralized system, it provides complete freedom and privilege for their customers to enjoy the forum without any obligations and restrictions and even without the fear of their account being blocked by the developers.

To add to that Centralized system restricts its customers to work freely, bounding them under the rules and regulation when they are working as a professional or their account is titled under the heading of trade or any profession; hence following the rules and commands of the authority is compulsory whereas in contrast to the decentralized system there are no such restrictions as people have absolute right to work or run a business in whatever way they want. Furthermore, you have complete authority to start any business and get your voice heard over the world with no restrictions.

The examples of the centralized system standard in this modern world are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where people are restricted from working.

In contrast, measures of the decentralized system include, steemit, Dtube, and many more people have the right to work with complete authority and freedom.


Centralized Social Media 

Decentralized Social Media

Collection and dissemination of information 

You can remain anonymous  

Extensive oversight and rule enforcement 

No oversight more freedom 

External payment mechanism 

Imbedded Cryptocurrency solution with in the platform 

No decision power for user to decide new feature development

Operate on the basis of feedback form users for the development of new features 


Which One is The Future of Social media? Decentralized or centralized Social media. (answer must be written in own words)

Future of Social Media 

In my opinion, a Decentralized system is the best way for the future as it does not restrict the people from any rules and regulations and provides a larger area and scope for them to work out their business and plans, which help them to implement a wide range of ideas and techniques.

When it comes to centralized social media, the biggest issue that we face is the privacy breach. Privacy is one of the basic rights of any human being's life but with these centralized social media, they are keeping and accumulating our data on their servers and nobody knows how secure those servers are. The targeted ads we see while browsing Facebook is one example of the privacy breach. Another example, is also from Facebook , we all know about the recent scandal of personal information of voters being used to set up the US general election where Donald Trump came out victorious. The data was allegedly provided by the Facebook and due to this fact, the campaign of hashtag deleteFacebook came into existence.

Furthermore, If we look at the other side of the picture towards decentralized social media, the issues like privacy and data breaches are highly unlikely because you can remain anonymous on those social networks. These social networks make use of the blockchain and we all know how secure blockchain networks really are. So, in my view, the decentralized social networks are the future of social networking and the time to delete Facebook really has come.


How steemit decentralization social media is best than Twitter and Facebook.(answer must be written in own words)

There are lot of reasons to show that how Steemit is better than other centralized Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. First of all, People can earn massive income from Steemit just by posting quality content and If the content liked or upvoted by other steemians then we get handsome reward on our post. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter doesn't provide us this facility to earn money on likes we get on our posts.

Moreover, Steemit is a Decentralized Social media platform so we talk above that we are in full control of our account with no restrictions. But on the other hand, Facebook and Twitter can ban our account any time because of the centralization. Moreover, we don't know where those centralized social media platforms are selling our data.

So these are the basic reasons that Steemit Decentralized Social Media Platform is better than Twitter and Facebook.


What do you say? How do Steemit social media change the lives of millions of its users?(answer must be written in own words)

Steemit social media has change the million people's life in many ways.

Like if I talk about my country Pakistan then many people in this COVID-19 Pendamic lost their jobs and they were in their home. Some of our senior member of Steemit Pakistan did some online steemit promotion and those users joined Steemit and now making a handsome money.

Moreover, I have seen that There are some charities over here on Steemit and One example of this charity is @pak-charity managed by @steemit-pak. I am also regularly donating my earning from steemit to this charity account. This charity goes out every month to help the poors. There are many other charity programs I have seen on Steemit.

Furthermore, Many people are now able to earn passive income. They introduced Steemit in their family and almost every of their family member is on Steemit. I know many of them and our Pakistan's newly appointed first female Country representative @vvarishayy is an example. I have seen that her Mother, brother, Khala, cousin many more joined Steemit and earning handsome income which changed their lives.

So this is the way, Steemit has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world.


How can we make money with Steemit's decentralized social media.(write your own experience)

Still Writing.....Posted due to short time in deadlineWe can make money from Steemit through different ways, I have mentioned some of them below.

1) By Posting Quality Content (AS an Author)

We can make money by posting quality content on our blog or in any community. You get support from fellow steemians if they liked your content. Moreover, Steemit team also visit active communities regularly. So, if you are active and posting regularly then you can make huge money from Steemit Decentralized Social Media Platform.

2) By Upvoting Quality Content (As a Curator)

We can earn curation rewards as well by upvoting quality content. These rewards are paid in Steem power which we can is an investment and the more Steem Power we have the more value of our own upvote and the more curation rewards we will earn in Futrure by upvoting the content.

3) By Delegating Steem Power

There are some users or community accounts over here those ask you to delegate your SP to them. They upvote the quality content to earn maximum curation rewards and then sends a portion or some percentage of that curation to every delegator in the form of Steem.

4) By Taking Part in Contests

We have seen that there are many contests running on Steemit in almost every active community. We can earn money by participating in those contests. If you don't know about the contest running on Steemit in different communities then you can just simply follow @pennsif to know about highest earning rewards contests on Steemit as he shared the updated list of contests on Steemit almost everyday.

5) By Posting in Steemit Crypto Academy

Steemit Team has introduced an Academy on Steemit for Crypto Courses. The team is supporting each and every member who do well in the Homework tasks. The Steemit Crypto Academy is now in season 2 Week 5 and they have total of 11 Professors from different countries to give lecture to Steemit Crypto Academy Students as well as to mark their Homework tasks. If a users get's marks more than 5 then Steemit team do upvote those users posts with steemcurator02 which is of a huge value.

So, These are some of the methods by which we can make good money on Steemit.


How to create comm

Still Writing and taking screenshots.....Posted due to short time in deadline.We can create our own communities on Steemit with simple steps. ty.

So, here is teem in our account which is the fee to create Steemit

1) Open Steemit and after logging in, Click on "Explore Communities"

Click on Explore communites.JPG

2) Now click on Create Community

Click on Create Community.JPG3) Enter Title of the Community and write some description as well and then Click "Next" as seen in the below screenshot.

Enter Title and Description.JPG

4) After clicking Next, a key will be shown. Remember to save that key and then click "Create Community" as mentioned below.

Save keys.JPG

5) When we click on Create Community, then a pop up message will appear to ask for confirmation and 3 Steem as a fee.

Pay 3 Steem.JPG

So, After clicking on "OK" to confirm, you will be asked to enter your active key to pay 3 steem and the community will be created after paying.

I was not willing to create a new community. That's why I clicked on Cancel and didn't pay 3 Steem because this was only a Homework task and now I know that How to create a Community on Steemit.

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Hope who read will like my attempt of answering this week Homework task.

here is the step by step guide to create Community on Steemit.

....Posted due to short time in deadline.


Thank You!

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