Beverage Photography - Participation Post by @salmanwains for Weekly Photography Contest in Steemit Pakistan

Assalam u Alaikum & Hello to fellow Steemians. This is Suleman Asghar Wains Punjab Police Officer of PSCA. I hope everybody is fine & doing great. 

This is my participation for the Beverage Photography contest started by @steemit-pak in Steemit Pakistan.

Beverage Photography Mint Margrita.jpg


Location: Monal Restaurant Lahore

I took this Photo when we colleagues (Punjab Police Officers) went to Monal Restaurant for dinner. Everyone ordered the drink according to their own choice. But some of us ordered this Mint Margarita which was very much fresh and tasty.

Can You people spot my service card in that photo?

My Introduction - My Achievement 1 Task

CC: @haidermehdi, @hassanabid@rashid001@vvarishayy, @yousafharoonkhan, @suboohi

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Looking at the entries, many people love this flavor perhaps 😂 i will definitely try this one😂
@Hassanabid, are you up for it bro?😉😂

04.06.2021 19:49

Yes Mint Margarita is One of my favorite! You definitely try this!

04.06.2021 20:49

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Keep up the Good work.

Steem ON !

05.06.2021 19:56