Work and Play - Finding a balance

Hi Steemit Family!

Have you got a beautiful photo library of memories? Have you started turning them into merch yet? Maybe you should think about it if not?

It’s great to see your work as a framed print on your living room wall or better still on someone else’s wall. 😂
Here are a few photos of mock up situations you can see on some of these sites of your finished look items.

Courtesy of fine art America

It is rather time consuming if like me your internet connection isn’t the best but satisfying in the end. Once set up you can add more little by little of course.

Courtesy of Fine Art America


It is a case of trial and error trying out your photos in different guises, teeshirts and hoodies, framed prints or mugs, it’s all available. I have a big framed print of my favourite monkey hanging on my wall. I love it! I thought I should buy one to check the quality before sharing the product with other people. Doing this has added to the time of preparing my Merch though as many companies offer a similar service but finished quality can vary.

I am still not finished but I thought I would share a little anyway and hopefully inspire one or two of you to do the same if you are not yet into the world of merchandise.

I am currently using and but there are many more to choose from.

And then at the end of a long session of internet wobbles and reloading pages I leave it all behind to relax on the beach ( with my camera lol ) because life is about a healthy balance of work and relaxation. Don’t you agree?


Puraavida xx


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I really need to get something like this going!

17.01.2020 11:45

Oh Ross you totally should!!

17.01.2020 11:54

Pretty cool i like doing things like that 👍

17.01.2020 13:38


17.01.2020 14:20

wonderful stuff all the best to you :)

17.01.2020 15:06

Turning your appreciation of the environment into a INCOME? That works!! Love it and love the monkey pillow... too cute!

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17.01.2020 15:16

I haven't done much on it yet. I have sold on Red Bubble. I see youtubers doing teespring so I need to look into that.

17.01.2020 18:10

Ah That’s cool. I will check out Red Bubble, I haven’t heard of it. Yes you should check out teespring. Get that old guy logo out there! 😉

17.01.2020 22:27