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My Mystical Marriage !

My Mystical Marriage !

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So i had my dream wedding ceremony the foothills of Vellangiri Mountains. In an Ashram. Its called Isha Yoga Foundation and is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India.

Isha Yoga Foundation ( image: Isha Foundation)

My guy wanted a very specific mystical ritual to consecrate the wedding. I wanted a beautiful destination in the lap of nature to spend the most important day of my life with my near dear ones. Well guess what ! we manged to find it !

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He found the esoteric Tantric ritual that he had been looking for and I found that breathtaking place that i wanted to get married !

Now i am going to focus on the tourism aspect of it in this article . I will write about the tantric ritual in part two of this article.

That’s Huge the entry Gate to the Ashram. Its guarded by the mystical Cobra !

So Isha Yoga Foundation is located in the foot hills of Vellangiri Mountains. Its about 1.5 hours drive from the main city of Coimbatore. One can easily take a flight to Coimbatore from any major city in India.

The Place to be ! 

The Majestic hills that surround the place are magical and the beautiful Ashram is located in the foothills. The Vibe of the place as soon as you enter the place is one of peace and a happy state of being.

The room rates start out around 11 USD per night .The rooms are as good as any star quality resort.Its a great option if one wants to bring in a lot of relatives and friends. Whats more the Food ( breakfast and Dinner) is complimentary if you can stick to the ashram timings.

The room I stayed in. 

 If sticking to Ashram timings is not your cup of tea there are two vegetarian restaurants in the ashram and many food stalls around the AdiYogi statue.

The place serves a variety of delights 
They have traditional Indian Ayurvedic massages as well . All for a price off coarse. The Isha Shop in the Ashram is a treasure trove of Organic food items, Touristy tit-bits, Items of Interior decoration, sculptures and spiritual aids. Something to cater to every taste !

For those interested in yoga classes and meditation lessons there is lots for you !

Yoga Classes 

There is also a mystical 7th Hill of Vellangiri  to be climbed for those who are of an intense spiritual or adventurous bend of mind :)

The 7th Hill the Place for Advanced Mediators ! ( image: Isha Foundation)

Sitting on that edge is not for everyonee !

h entire experience was incredible and the ROI on the same with respect to the costs incurred is probably one that cannot be matched by any other destination wedding location in the world.

There were over 14 of us and we spent two days over there . The whole thing cost us less than 3000 USD. And this is what we got.

1) The entire wedding ceremony. All of us just turned up at the temple. They had prepared everything for us.

2) An 8 gram 22-Carat Gold Pendant which is part of a Mangalsutra Worn by Married Indian Women.

That’s the Pendant tied to a thread coated with turmeric

3) A professional videographer and a HD video of the  whole proceedings.

4) A professional photographer - Over 200 photos of the ceremony and proceedings.

We thought the pics came out really well !! 

5) Rooms for all 14 people for two days.

6) Vegetarian lunch and dessert for everyone post the wedding ceremony in the restaurant.

Its definitely a place i would like to share with my bestties on Steem, whomight be looking for that perfect destination wedding :-D

Happy getting married and Steeming !

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