Poetry Game || For The One I Love

" For The One I Love"



Everytime I'm thingking about you
It makes my heart beat fast
It makes me feeling blue inside
But it also makes me feel so happy

Everytime I'm thingking about you
It makes me know who you are
It makes me know how much I like you
I can hear your voice and it makes my heart fluttering

Everytime I'm seeing at you
It makes my eyes won't closed
It makes me drowning down
I can see your face
I can see your smile
And it makes my heart so yearning

I always remember, when the first day we met
Although now time are changing
But, we've grown closer passing the day
And we're moving on together

I just wanna say now
Thank you for loving me
And for always keeping it

Thank you for to try to honest
And for care about me..
Thank you for protection with your love
That you always given to me..

Thank you my dear
You have given me the best of you
thank you my beloved
I realized, you are the only one
Your affection is extraordinary
Full of forgiveness and understanding
Your patience is with me, and your loyalty
Thank you
One word sign I understand
Thank you my love❤❤

Thank you @dobartim @tatjanastan @ernaerningsih and all the steeemian friends who always give best support to me🤗🤗

Best Regard,


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