My participation post for Best Moment of my Life ❤️🤰👣👩‍👦👶❤️


Assalamualaikum everyone hope you all are having fun with your friends and family ❤️ today I am sharing my bestest moment of my life with you all, which is the world Best feeling for any women. ✨

Knowing that you are going to be a mother for the very first time is one of the best feelings in a woman’s life.The day when I came to know that Allah is going to bless me with such a blessing, I started to feel independent myself from the day first till the last minute I was continuously praying for my son’s life because I already know the gender but I didn’t even reveal it to my husband.🤭😂The day I came to know that Allah is going to bless me with a baby boy, I cried a lot I thought k Allah has answered my one the oldest prayer in this way❤️✨
As my pregnancy was full of ups and downs anything can happen anytime and suddenly ,I thanked to Allah for such a caring and loving partner he never leave me alone in tension 🤰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Routine checkups every month in that extreme covid days were very hectic because no one was allowed with you and that midnight craving also sucks because the thing which you were craving for was not available at that time because of the LOCKDOWN things and now I laugh by remembering those days.😋😅


I remember the day I fooled my husband by my over acting when he accidently kicked me and got very frightened and his face was like full of tension hahah then I burst out with laugh and he mentioned me not to talk with him and slept 🤣😅😘
The last days were the toughest days of my life That long walks that body pain.. Those were the days I realized why Allah has blessed a woman with heaven❤️

23rd AUGUST ❣️


And finally the day came 2 nights 1 day after tolerating the labour pain doctors decided to C-section at 23rd August and I remembered how much I cried after hearing that I have to go to the OPERATION THEATRE I remembered that anesthesiologist epidural attempts 3 times and doctor yelled at me that if I didn’t stay calm she’ll leave the room.. then within sometime anesthesiologist told me (Mubarak ho bachi Allah ne beta diya he) I was like dancing in the OT but unfortunately I was not able to do that of course haha 🤣❣️ I just had a glimpse Of Ameer Hamza, I touched him for the very first time then they took him outside to show my family members then I was shifted to the room no one was allowed to visit me because of the Covid SOPs…. Ahhh!!!

Those days with with heavy rain I was not even able to go home then finally I was discharged after 3 days because of the rain







From that day till now everyday I realized that being a mother is not as easy as people think it is really a hard and independent job to be a mother.That is why Allah has related his love with the love of mother who love her child unconditionally without any demand💌

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MA SHA ALLAH MA SHA ALLAH.... you have a beautiful moment. May ALLAH KEEP your baby healthy .
MA SHA ALLAh baby is so cute ...paarooo baby😍😘😘💖

21.04.2021 00:27

JazakAllah 🤗✨❤️
Aameen ❤️🥰

21.04.2021 00:39

Great to read the best moment of your life. Well written you, the most heart touching part is Ameer hamza❤️ May Allah bless you always with your family
Masha Allah Ameer hamza is very cute baby.😍

21.04.2021 05:24

Aameen ❤️ May Allah bless you with double happiness ✨🤗 JazakAllah 😘

21.04.2021 13:29

Mashallah, May Allah bless him with happiness and good health

21.04.2021 21:19


21.04.2021 22:56

Aameen ❤️

22.04.2021 18:19

MashAllah May Allah keeps you and Your son healthy and really, the mother loves her child unconditionally. Your son is sooo cute. Mat Allah protect you from evil eyes, Ameen.

21.04.2021 22:27


21.04.2021 22:56

Aameen ❤️ Thank you ✨

22.04.2021 18:18

Ma shaa Allah. The best memory a mother could have :)
I think when Hamza will be a Big boy one day IA, he will praise his mum so much.
May Allah bless you all. Perfect participation this time🤗🤗🤗

21.04.2021 22:57

In Sha Allah ✨ let's hope for the Best ❣️

22.04.2021 18:12

MashaAllah, Allah blessed you and I think for every mom it's a memorable day when she give birth a baby💕

22.04.2021 12:34

Aameen ❤️

22.04.2021 17:03

mashllah.......may allah bless you and your family with all. You have a very sweet family

28.04.2021 12:58