Speculating on Comic Books for Week of 11.13.2019

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It’s cold, miserable, and wintery outside, but that’s ok; it’s comic book week 11.13.2019 today, and I’m looking forward to some good reads in bed tonight. It’s a big week for me, personally, as a few titles sound very interesting…so my budget it blown away. No key collecting this weekend!

My personal targets this week are the following:

  • Black Stars Above 1 – this Vault Comics’ series sounds like there is an encounter with some type of cosmic horror hidden in some type of wooded area…sounds Lovecraftian. I’m in.
  • Family Tree 1 – Jeff Lemire’s new Image title featuring a young woman who is growing into a tree and her family’s attempt to find a cure by travelling the back roads of America
  • Folklords 1 – this Boom! title sounds curious…sort of like an investigator searching for glimpses of manifestations of the collective unconscious (or simple high strangeness…or maybe both??)
  • Tales from the Dark Multiverse – Blackest Night 1 – sounds like this will feature Sinestro as a Limbo Lantern…something caught between life and death
  • Far Sector 1 – I doubt I’ll have a shot at the variants, and will settle for the a cover today…this will feature the first appearance of a new Green Lantern named Sojourner Mullein

As I said, it’s a big week for me. I’d flip some of these below if I could to assist with the budget, but I won’t have any luck finding them – I do hope you do, however.

Picks for Flips

Far Sector 1 B Cover Shawn Martinbrough

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The next hot Naomi type DC character? It could very well be, and there is already buzz that a Green Lantern show will feature this character in the future. This issue is getting $12 USD, with new listings in the $15 USD range.

Far Sector 1 C Cover Jamie McKelvie

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Also getting $12 USD on eBay…one new listing is already at +$30 USD. Unbelievable.

Marvel Action Spider-Man 11 B Cover Jonboy Meyers

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Already clearing $50 USD…lest I remind you his 1:10 10 B cover was going for over $125 USD at one point.

Marvel Tales Doctor Strange 1 B Cover Inhyuk Lee Virgin

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Not much sales data on this one, but if you see it cheap, snag it up. Current listings are over $120 USD.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 50 B Cover Rahzzah

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This isn’t tearing out of control in terms of price, but you should be able to double your money with this one today.

That’s it for another week; let me know what I missed! I’d highly recommend the new Lantern book for everyone’s long term collection, especially if you can get it at cover price. And good luck with that new Jonboy Venom/Spidey cover! I’d love to get my hands on both of them, but that ship has long, long, long passed…

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