Speculating on Comic Books for 12.04.2019

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Here we are again, the first Wednesday of December 2019, and we have another slate of comic book offerings to enjoy reading, speculating upon, or maybe even both. Let’s take a look at today’s publications.

My personal grabs this week will be:

  • Miss Marvel 10 - I’m grabbing this one for my daughter’s collection as it is the first appearance of Kamala’s separated sentient suit
  • Venom 2099 Cover A – (and B if possible)…another one for my daughter’s collection as it should include a first appearance of a second Venom 2099

For cover price, these should be somewhat safe bets to appreciate in value over the long haul. I didn’t include them in the list below, as you can get them fairly cheap (a bit over cover) online today. Plus, they aren’t fancy ratios, so I might have a chance today at my LCS!

But you don’t really care about those, do you? Oh no, you’d like to see what is currently popping in the secondary market, aren’t you? Well you are in luck; me too.

Venom 2099 Otto Schmidt Variant

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I won’t get this one, but if you see it cheap, pick it up. Currently, sales for this 1:25 ratio are in the high $30 to low $40 USD range. B cover, by Lim, is kind of sort of going for a bit more than cover price, but I feel like his stuff is very hot out of the gate, then falls back to Earth. I might wait on that one if I can't get it today.

Kill Whitey Donovan 1 A Cover Jason Pearson

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This one is already optioned for Hollywoodland, so get it if you can. Cover price is $4 USD, but sales are already in the $15 - 25 USD range.

Cover B

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B does not have much sales data whatsoever, but listings are currently also in the $25 USD. Someone cashed in on eBay yesterday and got these two covers at cover price plus freight. This market is insane…

Dead Eyes 3 B Cover Gerardo Zaffino

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This 1:10 ratio is currently going for about $20 USD. Good luck! Lots of you are Zaffino fans, I know.

Conan Serpent War 1 E Cover David Finch

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This 1:100 ratio has sales at $150 USD and $200 USD. I love Moon Knight, a lot, but not this price. That’s the equivalent of 2.7 million Satoshis. I would pass, but if you see it today, you know to grab it and run away.

Spider-Man Venom Double Trouble 2 B Cover Peach Momoko

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Wow, Momoko is HOT. I think I’ll just buy anything straightaway from this artist without bothering to actual see the cover. I noticed this one was sold out immediately online over Thanksgiving, then thought I’d get it for $45 USD with international freight included. Wrong! Grab this one today as a sales are already clearing $60 USD on eBay. This 1:25 ratio even has a buy it now option at $135 USD raw, and $300 as a 9.8. No thanks!

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading, as always, and good luck with your hunt today!

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