Speculating on Comic Books for 11.27.2019

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Another week, and more buys required for comic books this week for me. My personal picks (independent of price action) are :

  • John Constantine Hellblazer 1...the new Black Label series that I'm looking forward to
  • Misplaced 1...the new Scout series that sounds like an exploration of the afterlife...very curious to read this
  • Space Riders Vortex of Darkness 1...a Black Mask series that looks at cybernetic beings sent on a mission to kill the soul of the Mother of all Evil Gods (exciting!)

And with that said, let's look at some hot books you might be able to flip for cash today. I won't have a chance at these, but I hope you do!

Avengers 27 Starbrand Cover

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You could have spent about $50 USD on this when it was listed online last week; now these are going for $150 USD on eBay. There is even one sale at $150 USD, but the data is very limited here...if you see it cheap, you know what to do today.

Folklords 1 2nd Print

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You should be able to score this one for $4 USD today. So do that...current sales are $30 USD on eBay. Or hold it long term. I thought issue 1 was good, and I'm curious where it will go, but I won't be able to pick this one up.

My Speculative Pick Today

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Rather than chase these down after the fact, I'll pick up #11 of Captain Marvel 2nd print today if I see it. I have no idea if it will be worth it; I'm just making a conscious decision to grab these 2nd and 3rd prints going forward for my daughter's collection. It's all about the print run size, I guess. I'm also going to grab this one:

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This is a gorgeous Manapul B cover featuring the new Batwoman Beyond. I'll probably grab the A Cover too just to be safe.

That's it for me this week; I wish everyone a most enjoyable holiday tomorrow if you are celebrating! My lazy Wisconsin plan is to spend time with family, eat turkey and beef roast, drink beer, watch some football, and then pass out. Just kidding about the passing out (but not really).

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I saw Folklords last week, and was interested, but passed it by. Should I have picked it up? (bear in mind, I'm not a speculator; I rather enjoy the stories)

27.11.2019 15:37

I think so - the premise is interesting. Sort of like a "lost in a different reality" and attempting to find another reality. I'll get the second issue at the very least to see where it goes from here.

01.12.2019 14:19

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

01.12.2019 13:52