Speculating on Comic Books for 09.11.2019

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It’s another big week of interesting flips out there for us folks who enjoy the hobby. I’m not going to have a chance at any of them, but I do hope you do. And if you do, I hope you are able to buy a nice cup coffee, maybe a beer or two, and some more Bitcoin!

There are lots of Lady Death Origins Annual variants floating around tomorrow, and most are sold out online. If you see any tomorrow, you might want to grab them (if you are into it). I doubt my wife will approve any of these for our daughter’s budding collection, so I’m playing it safe and working on more Batgirls instead.

Picks for Flips

Venom 18 C Cover Patrick Zircher

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This Codex cover is already selling between $32- $50 USD. Grab it and run tomorrow morning, I guess.

Something is Killing the Children 2nd Printing

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Another one to grab tomorrow; cover price is $4 USD, but the resales are already clearing the $20 USD range. It’s a cool cover; I’d grab it if I had a chance to.

Red Sonja 8 H Cover Roberto Castro Virgin

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This one is listing at $16 USD already on eBay. The cover price should be around $7 USD. That’s called “profit.”

Powers of X 4 B Cover Dustin Weaver

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Wow, no surprise here with another X title selling well and out. Expect to buy this for at least $14 USD versus $5 USD at the store tomorrow if you really want it.

Powers of X 4 D Cover Jorge Molina

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These two are selling at +$40 USD for the set.

Silver Surfer Black 4 B Cover Alex Garner

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Another Marvel title you can double your money with. $4 USD cover vs secondary sales of $10 USD.

My Wants This Week

Silver Surfer Black 4 A Cover

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I like some of the variants quite a bit, but I’m cheap and going with cover A today. this one is teasing a possible origin of Galactus…call me intrigued, Donny Cates…

Batman 78 Clay Mann

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Of course I missed out on issue 77; of course I did! Why wouldn’t I? I mean, I’m hoarding all these friggin’ Litecoins, and then go ahead and miss out on a HUGE key issue of the Batman mythos. I don’t know…part of me is hoping Tom King goes the way of General Hospital today and Alfred shows back up. (Also, don’t ask about how I would know anything about General Hospital).

Justice League Odyssey 13 B Cover Lucio Parillo

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This one seems to be under the radar; I love this cover and I love Parrillo’s work. I’m guessing if he did at House of X, it would have sold out last week. This week he’s at DC, and there is no love.

Canto 4 A Cover Drew Zucker

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No comment needed here, I think.

Deadly Ten Presents Blade the Iron Cross 1 A Cover Robert Hack

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Wow, I love this cover. I love Hack’s work, and I love Blade. Such fond memories this morning about watching those old 90’s films with Blade; such a bad ass, wasn’t he? Looks like he’s moving on to killing Nazis now. Can’t wait!

Midnight Sky 1

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This issue, released by, Scout, is described as a mashup between They Live and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I don’t think I need to let any of you know about the film They Live: if you don’t know that film, I don’t know what to tell you (aside from after you get your books this week, running home and watching the movie ASAP.) And I loved Invasion of the Body Snatchers. If I had to pick one version, it has to be the 1956 Kevin McCarthy classic. Such a great film…such pacing and anxiety. I know a lot of people like the 1978 remake, but going black and white is a much better choice for that movie in my honest opinion.

Oh, and both A and B covers are sold out online, so good luck this morning finding it

Catwoman 15 Artgerm Variant

[Image Source](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/C6gAAOSwGVRdcJFU/s-l1600.jpg0

Wow, I love this cover. I believe this is the end of Artgerm’s run on Catwoman; I’m going to miss these going forward.

That's it for today - good luck everyone! I should have a revisit to previous issues done tomorrow morning.

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

12.09.2019 14:28

Woah... I love some of that cover artwork! I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to let the comics go! So, flipping would definitely be a bad idea for me....

How is Lady Death? I have been thinking about getting my daughter started with that...

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13.09.2019 11:59

Thanks! I haven't had much luck on flips as my local shop is fairly small, but if I get one I typically think to hold on to it for the long term. and Lady death looks interesting, but bit sure my wife would approve some of them!

14.09.2019 16:56

I sell comics and toys at convention (my personal account is @thedarkhorse) and it's amazing how much some comics can be worth in the long run....but most have little to no value. It's hard to pick which ones will be the hot comics later on, but obviously sticking to first appearances of new characters will over the long run pay out.

If your ever interested in buying comics for litecoin or steem let me know. Currently picked up some really nice keys like Dealpool first appearance, Gambit 1st appearance, and a bunch more. 54 long box collection which I have barely started to deal with.


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13.09.2019 15:52

Thanks! I like the mix of getting those keys for my daughter's future collection and the idea of those short term wins you can find. I used to collect comics as a kid and still have most of them, and like you mention, most aren't worth anything.

Do you have an inventory online by chance? I'd love to check it out...I'm mostly a DC guy but do like a my Spidermans!

14.09.2019 16:53

I don't put many comics online as they move so well at comic cons. No issues with returns and what have you that way.

If there is anything DC you are on the hunt for specifically? I have a pretty extensive collection right now from the 90's-2000's that I'm working on. But there is still a good amount even into the start of the New 52 runs.

14.09.2019 21:02

I love the artwork on comic books, you have some amazing ones shown here. They truly are worth collecting.

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15.09.2019 19:54

Excellent post. I was always a fan of comics but I tend to look more for humour instead. 😁

Congratulations on being featured by @bengy in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

16.09.2019 07:20

Thank you! I only recently got back into the hobby, but realize how much I miss the creativity embedded in comics.

16.09.2019 11:42

Do you know Mortadelo Y Filemon? That's one of my favourites. Those guys are so crazy! 😂

16.09.2019 13:33