On a Return to Comic Book Week 10.02.2019

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Ok, the dust has settled, hype has moved on to something else, shelves have been restocked, additional copies circulated, and the secondary market’s comic book pump and dumps have dissipated. Let’s look at October 2, 2019 comic book releases and see if there is anything of value that I (or perhaps you) might be interested in purchasing for the long haul.

Absolute Carnage Immortal Hulk 1 B Cover Dale Keown Codex

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This 1:25 ratio is doing exceedingly well still…look to pay anywhere from +$50 USD and upwards.

Love She Offered 3

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Source Point’s #3, which retailed at $4 USD, is currently getting over $10 USD. This one is a bit dark…not that I don’t like dark tales, but I’ll pass.

And that’s it! Wahlah! Everything else from that week is in stock online or available for a few dollars over cover price in the secondary markets. Another good week for us to hunt down keys we want in our collection…personally, I’m passing on both of these from that week for some other books I’d love to get my hands on. I’m looking at you Peach Ghost-Spider…I'm looking at you...

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