Achievement 5 Task 4 by @safdarsultan : Review

My previous achievement 5 task 2 is verified with the help and guideness of @cryptokannon,we reviewed the Steemmy tool.Today i will make the next achievement review SteemDB.This is a block explorer and database for the steem block chain.This tool is very helpful and have a good graphical user view and help to easy navigate their own functions.Steemit is the most efficient which have to understand all the tools in the Achievement 5.

Here is


Screenshot from

On the home page you will seen the first STEEM price action graph. I find the interface to be very simple and well designed .There are a lot of functions that can be performed and using this tool.So if you want to get more information about your account on steemit,then type your account name at right top hand and click onto search.


In the post section, You can seen in given screenshot the most voted post or most winning post are uper given day.You can also seen my shared posts and also the community it shared.



We can see the Witnesses in the witnesses section of the Witnesses is very important for the continuation,stability and the continuity of block chain.when we can take information on the various Witnesses so this is at the top list is available here and also including the history of the votes that is given to them. And in this section , you can find important details about the steemit Witnesses you can chose it.



This is lab section you can seen in above screenshot.The various concepts found in this feature and do not have home sites yet so they can combiled here for you.The lab section of the tool,you can seeing few statistics like pending payout Review,Author Reward Leaderboard,Curation Rewards Leaderboard etc.



We can see the data about author rewards in the Author Reward Leaderboard.This section click taking a pop up section ,we can see accounts of steem,SBD and Steem Power.And also seen the replies of their posts.

I am happy to that of My Achievement 5 is over.And next written the Achievement 6 as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your support.




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Congratulations on getting successfully verified over Achievement 5(4).

10.05.2021 01:21

Thanks a lot bro

10.05.2021 04:12

congrats bro for your achievement 5 task 4 wil be verified

10.05.2021 04:15

You have been upvoted by @yohan2on, a curator and a member of the steemPOD project. We are voting using the steemcurator03 to support newcomers participating in the Newcomers achievement program.

Thanks for responding to achievement task 5-4: You may now proceed to other achievement tasks.
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15.05.2021 09:44

Thanks a lot for appreciating all steemians teams are very nice.

15.05.2021 14:51