Weekly Engagement Week #20 || Write About Festival or ( Eid Celebration) II @sadiaanyat

This is the day to smile again
Wipe your tear, let's unite again

I know the death is roaming in streets
The child are shivering with deadly fear
But the hope is still there for good days
And see! the happiness embrace us again

Let's forget our fear for a while
let's walk with your friends for a mile
Let's shake hand with each other
let's jump with joy again and again

The Ramazan is over now
The blessings have gone now
But a new day is waiting for you
Let's have fun, Let's forget your pain

The pandemic outburst around the universe
The condition is getting more worse
But calm yourself and free your mind
fill the fun in your brain
Let's enjoy this Eid again and again
By keeping distance to safe from pain

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Hello and Aslam O Alaikum to all the steemians!. I'm going to share my plan for this eid. so let's start

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Eid Ul Fitr

Eid ul fitr which is also known as "lesser eid", "Festival of breaking fast" or "Meethi eid" is a religious festival which is celebrated by the Muslims with great enthusiasm on first Shawal. It is probably the only day of the year when the Muslims are not allowed to fast. We celebrate it happily to thanks Allah for showing his blessing on us during Ramzan and for blessing us with this blessed day.

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Just like anyone else, i am also excited for this eid but happiness fades a little because of Corona. Anyhow, this is the day to forget all our worries and enjoy it to light our mind from the fear of this pandemic. Keep distance from each other to protect your beloved ones and enjoy this day to the fullest. We celebrate the Eid for three days. So here is my planning for these days.

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Day 1(The arrival of guests)

Actually my eid start from chaand raat. I enjoy this night more than the actual eid day. We all cuisines get to gathered, we put hinna on everyone's hand and made chenna chaat. We are not allowed to go out on that night as the markets are very busy. When my cuisines gone, I iron everyone's clothes at night so that no one get late in morning for Eid prayers.

No matter where you live or what traditions you are following but if you are muslim then there are a few things which happens in every one's home on eid like making kheer, chaat, sheer khorma and inviting and visiting the relatives.

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My Eid is started with the voice of my mother that "hurry up, everyone is getting late for eid prayer". I love that time when Eid prayers are being announced in mosques, Eid takbeers are being recited in mosques, Everyone is worried for not getting late for eid prayer. Inshort there is hustle and bustle and happiness everywhere.

We make kheer and sheer khorma in morning on every eid. But this year, i have planned something else. I am learning the some new recipes such as  Gulab Jamun and Koufta rice  and inshallah will make them on eid.



I will make the res gully and kheer after Praying the fajr. Then i will take get ready and will go to offer my eid prayer. We may not be able to go to Eid prayers this time because of Corona.

Anyhow, all our relatives come to our house for dinner on the first day of eid. I will make the koufta rice and Macroni for them.


At about 3-4PM, they will come and we will have fun together.

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Second day

Screenshot (666).png

We go to see our relatives on the second day of eid and at night, we all cuisines go for ice cream or something else.  So this time, we will not be able to go anywhere because of COVID-19, but no worries, there is nothing more fun than meeting and chatting.

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Third day:

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I was planning to invite all my friends to my home on 3rd day but then i cancelled my plan because on the third day of eid, there is engagement of one of my friend. So we all friend will go there. After coming here, we will all make a nice cake together for her and then we will go to her house.

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This is how i have planned my this Eid. I hope you will enjoy reading this. Thank you

Stay safe Stay positive(By nature not by COVID)

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Sadia Anayat
My achievement 1

Special thanks to

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Please give the reference of the verses above.

Also provide correct sources (with license details) of the images used.

03.05.2021 04:09

which images or verses you are talking about???
I wrote the above poem...I took two images from internet and gave the refrence there
all other images are created by me using the WPS power point templates.........

03.05.2021 07:41

Great poem!

I'm talking about the images of Gulab Jamun and Macaroni. I can't find the license details of these in the links you shared.

03.05.2021 07:50

Ok I'm approving this time but next time I won't be approving if i don't find the copyright details in the reference link.

03.05.2021 08:16

no...i can change the pics if you say ?

03.05.2021 08:26
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