Who is Thomas Williams? (Manna World Holdings Trust)

Thomas Williams — (Florida, Colorado)

Thomas Williams talks about history of Manna World Holding Trust & also confirms Kim is Ms. Manna.

"Thomas Williams has been a radio show host for a few years and he was approached by a woman named Kim who has been a part of the financial system for a long time. The discussions below explain who Kim is, what she has been doing with respect to the World Trust that belongs to the people of every country on the planet and the status of the battle to deliver those funds to Americans"

Manna World Holdings Trust – Thomas Williams join with Dan, Tank, & Tui

"Thomas Williams made public statements that forced Kimberly Goguen, Trustee for the Manna World Holding Trust, to disassociate herself from him."

"Thomas Williams, who is part of the team managing the real Trust, tells us members of the alternative media community were paid off so they would not have the Trustee, Kim, or Thomas on their shows or talk about the Manna World Holding Trust."

Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust

Breaking: Thomas Williams’ Intel Update for February 1, 2018—World Exclusive [audio]

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