What is Manna World Holdings Trust and Kimberly Ann Goguen, Russian hackers?

"It doesn’t matter what you call it: Unum Sanctum Trust, Manna World Holdings Trust, or just The Trust."

Manna World Holding Trust: Making America a Sovereign Againhttps://twitter.com/pdp00000001/status/9644603272986650112

Speak Project Media@speakprojectM@Kre8changewe were blocked from posting this on Instagram. High level officials and agencies still not sure who’s in control of the system, do a proper intelligence check you’ll find, “Manna World Holding Trust, The Unknown Country.” https://twitter.com/speakprojectM/status/1143200455054569475
TANK@Kre8changeThe Rothschilds latest threat is to shutdown the entire US Banking system if President Trump brings in the funding for the wall from the Manna World Holding Trust. The reality is they no longer have the ability to do that. Call their bluff @realDonaldTrump. We got your backhttps://twitter.com/Kre8change/status/1087769308040712192
JUNE 21, 2019 HOT NEWS - MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST DENIED ACCOUNT AT CENTRAL BANK OF BRAZIL DUE TO "LACK OF CREDIBILITY", linked to OPERATION CHABU crime group:https://twitter.com/MountainMystik/status/1142491665753505793

MANNA WOLD HOLDING TRUST (aka: MWHT) is a Russian lead organized crime group that misuses a USA FED routing number to rob banks.

"On January 27, 2018, a letter was hand carried to President Trump at the White House by representatives of the Manna World Holding Trust, who have eliminated the United States from the grip of the illegal private cartel known to us as the Federal Reserve. Yes, you read it right!"

"However, Wolokolie got concerned when the suspect tried convincing him on how they could transfer US$5.7 billion from Manna World Holding Trust Funds account."

"Conversation with Stephen Rowe "TANK" on the GCR and Manna World Holding Trust"

"Kimberly Ann Goguen is the Sole Sovereign Monarch of the planet. She is also the Owner, Trustee and Custodian of the Manna World Holding Trust. The Quantum Mapping System sometimes referred to as the Quantum Financial System is has long been used as a methodology to acquire legal possession of every asset on the planet. The Deep State has infinity agreements humanity was tricked into signing that expired in 2012 when the system would only acknowledge the human on the planet with the most original DNA. Kim is 99.8% bio-identical to the Mitochondrian Eve. She is the only one who can access the trust and this has been acknowledged by every Government, Agency, Church, and State authority in the world."

"On Sat 17 Feb 2018 JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ, who Fisher quoted on RTC last Thurs eve 2/15, just confirmed Kim as trustee of Manna WH Trust, & said the codes are real not bogus and the liquidity is real!!!! Obviously claims by Fisher, Rand, and others that Kim is a fraud are completely erroneous and uninformed. TANK AND KIM WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!

Anna may not like Kim and Manna Trust, but Anna confirms Kim is sole trustee of the global accounts that COULD AND SHOULD provide LIQUIDITY TO THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION & UST for the RV release & exchanges NOW! Kim has tried to provide that liquidity to UST & Trump but HAS BEEN BLOCKED!!"

"DPC Comments: My own assessment of Kimberley Ann Goguen was not too far from what is stated above, "Fraud sick person, seeking power and manipulation to defraud people from their money / assets. However, I did add Mentally Insane to that specific analysis.

As for the Account number FMCA7778887778889999. The FMCA represents Ferdinand Marcos Collateral Accounts. As for the number following the FMCA, it legally doesn't exist. In other words the account number is totally fake. The 777 within the number quoted is allocated to the Tubercio Villamor Marcos accounts. The 888 numbers are numbers allocated for operational accounts only, and the 999 numbers are not even allocated. So this number is Fake for which there is no specific Holder or Signatory name.

So, Kimberley Ann Goguen, you can't even get Account numbers right, and what you have is all fake anyhow, so if you are relying on any of what you have, or are stating, you are really going to have a very rough ride and getting nowhere, unless of course it is a ride in a police vehicle on your way to prison.

Another comment, quote "Kimberly Ann Goguen, Fraud leader, queen-pin, intentionally deceives individuals, and government officials, by offering them grants, free gifted money from Sovereign Trust Accounts FMCA7778887778889999 none existent!!!

Her accomplice is Terrance Cameron McDonald a self professed Priest, and Lewis E.Taylor a self professed Philanthropist with his own website. They have nothing. They are spreading fraudulent, fake computer manufactures documents to defraud people of their money promising them grants in the billions, free money for their help to help them ''download'' funds that is not theirs form government accounts, which they are not authorized to." "



Kimberly Ann Goguen (aka: Kim Goguen, Kim Possible) — (Arizona, Colorado, Michigan)
Sanford Ellis — (Maryland)
Raul de la Hoya — (California)
Karilyn Youngman — (Florida)
Blair West (fugitive from charges in Liberia) — (New York)
Xan Carvan — (Alabama)
Steve Mitcham — (Georgia)
Thomas Williams — (Florida, Colorado)
Thomas Melville — (New York)
Steffen Rowe (aka: Tank) — (New York)
Dan Lutz — (Philippines)
Tui — (Fiji)
Paul Shelton (aka: Paul Yokoyama) –(Illinois)
Kaz — (Australia)
Lewis E. Taylor III — (Florida)
Jesper Ellermann (aka: Michael Uriel )
Sergei Broukovski (aka: Sergei Brukovsky)
Michael Bagley — (Virginia)
Julian Tejeda — (Spain)
Pedro Arboleda — (Ecuador)

Who is Kimberly A. Goguen? PT.1
Published on Sep 3, 2019This is a multi-series call where Tank explains in detail who is Kimberly A. Goguen, The Unknown Country and the other various issues that has taken place behind the scenes.ttps://youtu.be/Limy8l5h_do

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