Instagram Wants to Make it Easier to Manage Data Shared With Third Party Apps

Social media apps are under the privacy scanner, and Instagram is adopting more measures that will make it easier for users to manage the data being shared by third-party apps. In a blog post by the photo and video-sharing social networking service on October 15, the company revealed that it is “introducing new in-app features to help you (the users) better control the data shared with third-parties through Instagram.”

While these updates might take as long as six months to roll out, they definitely ease the way one controls the data access to the third-party services. The update provides options like removing a third-party service and updated authorization screen feature. The blog also explained the users on how to manage the connections to third party services. It says that to access more control over this, users need to go to ‘Settings’ ¬- >‘Security’ - > ‘Apps and Websites.’

Users will also soon have the option to remove any third-party service from accessing Instagram data. This comes as an important security feature for those who need to remove third-party access to data like profile information, your username, account type, captions, and photos. In addition, if a user needs to ensure the data requested from third parties, they can utilise the new ‘updated authorization screen’ introduced by Instagram. It will list all the information the third party is requesting to access. This, in turn, will give the user an option to ‘cancel’ or ‘authorize’ the access.

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