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The Diary Game season 3


I woke up at 6:30 this morning.When I woke up, I brushed my teeth first.Then I washed my hands and face nicely.After washing my hands and face, I went out for a walkI went out and walked for about half an hour.On the walk I went to my older sister's house.Big sister's house will be less than one kilometer from our house. Anyway, I reached my sister's house on foot.I went to my sister's house and had a light breakfast.Then I looked around my sister's yard.


There were two pepper trees in one corner of my sister's house. I looked around the trees.The pepper tree has caught a lot of pepper.I captured pictures of the peppers.It looked pretty good to see light green peppers with dark green leaves.Anyway then I went to the pumpkin garden of my sister’s house.While there, I took some pictures of the pumpkin tree.


The bud of the pumpkin flower is coming on the pumpkin tree.They look green.I spent the afternoon at my sister's house.Many days later I went to my sister's house.I came home just before noon.


At noon I came home and took a bath.After taking a bath, I put on dry clothes.Then I was waiting for the Zuhr prayer.When the call for the name of Zuhr came, I was azan.Then I prayed Zuhr. After the Zuhr prayers, I came home.When I got home I had lunch.Had lunch today,Rice and small fish curry.


I tasted lunch very well.After lunch I rested for a while. I rested for about half an hour.Then I ran Facebook for a while.I continued on Facebook till three in the afternoon. Then I spent time at the steemit for a while.That's how I passed the afternoon.


At four-thirty in the afternoon I got ready to go to play.I came out and saw the little boys playing with our balls.I asked a boy to match the ball.Then I took pictures of football.I took a picture of the football and went to the field.


I was starting the game at five in the afternoon. The game lasted for about two and a quarter hours.I played football until the evening before the moment. Then I came home.The whole afternoon was spent in sports.


After coming home I took a bath.Then the Maghrib prayer was called.After the call to prayer, I performed ablution and went to the mosque to perform the Maghrib prayers.I went to the mosque and performed Maghrib prayers.After the prayers I went home.The sky was a little different on the way home.


After coming home, I ran Facebook for a while. Thus the evening passed.


At half past eight in the night I went to the mosque to offer Esha prayers. I went to the mosque and performed Esha prayers.After the prayers I went home.When I got home I sat in the yard for a while and drove the steemit.Then I ate dinner at half past nine at night.After dinner I talked for a while with the whole family.Then I went to my room and watched a YouTube video for a while.

I saw the strange drama on YouTube. I have been waiting for this drama for a long time.The rest of the play has been published on YouTube. I like the play very much.Anyway I slept on YouTube until about half past ten.


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