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The diary game my activities on the day



I woke up at 6:30 this morning and first brushed my teeth.I performed ablution and performed Fajr prayers.After the Fajr prayers, I fell asleep for a while.Then I went out for a walk.I walked for about half an hour.As I was walking, I came out on the street.It felt pretty good to walk in the morning environment.The morning atmosphere was pleasant.While walking, I took pictures of date palms from the side of the road.


After walking like this for a while more, I came home.When I came home, I washed my hands and face nicely.I washed my hands and face and had breakfast.I had breakfast at half past nine in the morning.After breakfast I started playing football games on my mobile.


I played the game for about two and a quarter hours.The game is my favorite.I do this game often.Anyway, this is how my morning passed and it was noon.


At half past twelve I got ready to take a bath.After bathing I put on dry clothes.Then the call to prayer came.After the call to prayer, I performed ablution and performed the Zuhr prayers.I performed the Zuhr prayers at home today.After the Zuhr prayers, I had lunch.Today I ate rice and bara for lunch.


After lunch I rested for a while.After resting for a while, I picked up my mobile.I steemit logged in with the mobile in hand.I spent a lot of time on Steemit.That's how I passed the noon.


At four-thirty in the afternoon I heard the call to prayer.After the call to prayer, I performed ablution and performed the prayer of Asr.After performing the Asr prayers, I went out for a walk.I went out and walked for a while.


Today I crossed 3565 steps.In this I have lost 146 kilo calories.As I was walking, I took a photograph from the bank of the canal.The morning atmosphere was green.


There was green water in the canal water.Due to which the picture looks more green.Anyway, I came home on foot.It was almost evening when I got home.


When the call to Maghrib prayers came, I performed ablution.I performed ablution and went to the mosque to perform Maghrib prayers.I went to the mosque and performed Maghrib prayers.I returned home after performing Maghrib prayers.


After the Maghrib prayers, I took a picture of the sky through the gap between the trees.


At 7.30 pm I used Facebook for a while.After running Facebook for a while, I heard the call to prayer.I performed ablution and went to the mosque to perform the Esha prayers.I went to the mosque and prayed and came home.When I got home I ate dinner.


At dinner I ate rice with Patal's curry.After dinner I rested for a while.I talked to everyone in the family for a while.Then I went to my room and lay down.That's how I spent my day.


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