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Review a village resort.

Assalamualaikum friends, how are you all?I hope everyone is well by the grace of God.I too am very well by the infinite mercy of Allah.Today I appeared among you with a blog.I will present a blog among you about a resort.Let's get started.The resort you see is located five kilometers from our house.The name of this place is Golchatbar Resort.It is located in an empty space under an open sky.The day of my trip was very beautiful.Black black light clouds in the sky.It feels very good in the light sun.


In the picture you can see a white wooden bridge.It is the entrance to the resort.The bridge is made entirely of wood.The wood is covered with white paint.Which makes it look white.


The resort has small tong houses.The houses are made of colored tin.The roof colors of the house are light pink and blue.


In this picture I have captured the whole resort.It is built on green land.The sky was lightly cloudy that day so I feel the atmosphere is a little dark.But this moment was very beautiful.


You can see a beautiful house in this picture.This is a restaurant, the name of this restaurant is Prakriti Bilas Restaurant.The name and beauty of the restaurant matched very well.Corona situation is one of the reasons we can eat at this restaurant.But I wanted to eat a lot here. Inshallah I will eat here next time.



Many people come here to visit. People come here to take pictures.Everyone seems to have no shortage of joy.I also had a lot of fun here.The day was very good. I will make this beautiful place really beautiful.I really like this resort which is why I shared it with you.


This is my respected big brother. That's why I came to visit this resort.The two of us traveled very nicely together.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading my post.See you soon.

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