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Moghlai Parota.

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Assalamualaikum how are you all. I hope everyone is well by the grace of God.I am very well in the infinite mercy of God.I appeared among you with the food topic.Today I will share with you a recipe for making Monglai.Most people love to eat moghlai.It's been going on for a long time.This moghlai is no longer made at home.Most people go to the hotel and eat moghlai.But there is a little different fun in making your own food.So I made Moghlai myself today.And let me tell you about how I made Moghlai.

Materials required:

Baking powder
Like the amount of salt.
Flour oil (Mustard oil)
2 pieces eggs
Chop the onion
Green pepper
Necessary spices
Soybean oil
A frying pan
A spoon or fork.

Upstairs I almost Above I have mentioned the necessary materials.Now I will describe the making of Moghlai.

Step 1

At first I took the same amount of water in a bowl.Then I mixed it with salt in water.Then I took three cups of flour.

Step 2

Then I spread the flour well with water.After applying it for a while, I made Erk Gola.Then I left for a while.

Step 3

After a while I separated it with some amount of flour.I made small shells separately.Then I put small balls in a bowl.

Step 4

Then I took a small loaf of bread on a baking sheet.The hotel uses wooden flooring But I use a stone mat to make bread.

Step 5

Then I made a round loaf.You need to use a wooden ballan to make bread.Wooden ballan is better for making bread.Anyway I made a pure bread.

Step 6

Then I broke two eggs in a bowl.Then I mixed the eggs with two raw chilli powder and onion powder.

Step 7

Then I put some amount of bread from the rolled part of the egg on top.Eggs and chillies must be given along with the eggs.

Step 8

Then I folded the bread around.Now it looks square.When folding the bread, care should be taken that there is no gap on either side.If it is empty, part of the egg will come out.

Step 9

In this way I made quite a few moghlas.Now I will show you how I fried moghlai.

Step 10

Now I put soybean oil in a frying pan.After adding oil, I increased the amount of fire a little.After a while the oil started to boil.

Step 11

Then I left the moghlai in the boiling hot oil.Be sure to heat the oil well before frying the moghlai.

Step 12

After frying for about three minutes, I inverted the moghlais.After flipping it, I fried it for a while.

Step 13

This is how I made delicious moghlai.
Mughlai is a very familiar dish.It is also a favorite food of many.So I made Moghlai today.How is my Moghlai recipe?I wish you nice comments.


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