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I woke up this morning and first brushed my teeth.After brushing my teeth, I washed my hands and face nicely and became fresh.After freshening up I went out for a walk in the beautiful surroundings of the morning.It rained last night which made the atmosphere a little cooler this morning.Anyway, it felt good to walk in such a beautiful environment in the morning.I walked for about half an hour.Then I headed home.On the way home, I saw a wonderful beauty on the side of the road.Rain water is frozen on the green leaves of the roadside.


From time to time I see such beauty of kachu leaves and rain water.Anyway, I came home on foot.When I came home, I washed my hands and face and freshened up. Then I asked my mother to give me some food.My mother gave me a plate of Cover and chanachur.


I tasted murdi and chanachur very much.Then I took the mobile in hand and did the curation from the @wo-photograhy account.I was busy with the community account for about two hours.Thus it was noon.


At half past twelve I got ready to take a bath.After bathing I put on dry clothes.Dressed, I was waiting for the Zuhr prayer.When the call to prayer came, I performed ablution.After performing ablution, I performed the Zuhr prayers.I performed the Zuhr prayers at home.After the Zuhr prayers, I used Facebook for a while.At two o'clock in the afternoon I ate lunch.After lunch I went to Machail with a guava mango in hand.I sat down to eat guava.


Anyway, after eating guava, I sat on the mat for a while.After sitting for about half an hour I came home.When I got home, I fell asleep for a while.


I woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon. I woke up and freshened up well.Freshened up, I went out for a walk.When I went out, I took my mobile phone in my hand.While walking I went to a high bridge in our neighboring area. The bridge has been built very high.My younger brother and I spent some time there.Looked very good there.While sitting on the bridge I did some boat and boat photography.


I was very happy to see such a scene in the boat and the boatman.I spent a lot of time there enjoying the beautiful view of the boat and the boatman.I loved doing photography there.So I did a lot of photography there.


I stayed there until about six in the afternoon.Then I got home from there just before dusk.That's how the afternoon ended.The afternoon was beautiful.


Shortly after coming home, Maghrib prayers were called.So I performed ablution to perform Maghrib prayers.I performed ablution and went to the mosque.I went to the mosque and performed Maghrib prayers.After the Maghrib prayers, I started coming home.


On the way home I bought a packet of biscuits.Then I started eating the biscuits.I came home eating biscuits.


At half past seven in the night I ran Facebook for a while.Then when the call to prayer came, I performed ablution.Due to the delay, I performed Esha prayers at home.After performing the Esha prayers, I was walking on the steemit again with my mobile in hand.Then my mother called me for dinner.I went and ate dinner.After dinner I drove steemit for a while.Then I went to my room and lay down.While lying down I saw a play. The name of the play was Ghati Garam.

The play was very emotional. I got very emotional after watching this play.Anyway I fell asleep after watching the play.


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