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The diary game my activities

**I am @sabbirrr
From Bangladesh**


I woke up at 6:30 this morning.When I woke up, I brushed my teeth first.It was too late to wake up today so I could not perform Fajr prayers.Anyway, after brushing my teeth, I freshened up beautifully.After freshening up I went out for a walk outside.I went out and walked for about half an hour.Then I came home.After coming home, I saw our chicks moving with their mother.I was very happy to see it.


The love of the chicken for the baby really fascinates me.Anyway, I came home fresh and had breakfast.After breakfast I rested for a while.Then the Building mechanic came to work on the roof of our building.I continued to oversee their work.They were working at their own pace.


I stayed with them until noon.Basically I was overseeing their work.This is how the afternoon passed.Thank God I had a good morning.Alhamdulillah for everything.


I took a bath at half past twelve in the afternoon.After taking a bath, I started preparing for the Friday prayers.At twelve forty-five minutes I reached the mosque.I went to the mosque and performed the jumma prayers.After the Friday prayers, I went home.It was about two o'clock when I came home after the prayers.When I got home I had lunch.After lunch I took a rest.Then I went out for a while.I was fascinated by the beauty of the sky at noon.


The beauty of the sky was really something to enjoy.I enjoyed this beauty in a very good way.


The intensity of the sun and the white clouds in the sky looked very good.All in all it was a wonderful moment.


At four-thirty in the afternoon I drove the steemit for a while.I drove steemit for about an hour.Then the call to prayer was made.Then I performed ablution and performed Asr prayers.After the Asr prayers, I sat in the backyard for a while.Then I went out for a walk in the outdoor environment.The atmosphere was quite good in the afternoon.


I took a picture of the moment when the sun goes down in the western sky.This sunset made my afternoon very colorful.Anyway, I couldn't stay out for long.Because it was almost time for Maghrib I came home.Thus the afternoon rolled and the evening came.


When the call to Maghrib prayers came, I performed ablution.I performed ablution and went to the mosque to perform Maghrib prayers.I went to the mosque and performed Maghrib prayers.After Maghrib prayers, I came home.On the way from the mosque I went to the market.


I went to the market and ate a plate of noodles.Noodles are one of my very favorite foods.Then I came home and used Facebook for a while.In this way I spent the evening.


At half past eight in the night I performed the Esha prayers.After Esha prayers, I steemit for a while.At half past nine I ate dinner.After dinner I talked to everyone for a while.Then I went to my room.I went to the room and lay down.While lying down, I watched a video of html on YouTube for a while.

After watching the video, I spent a little more time on the steemit.Then when it was half past ten at night I fell asleep.That was my diary.


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