## Beauty of my village

Hi everyone! I hope all of you will be fine 😌.Today i m going to describe ty beauty of village and village life . The people of village are very simple and innocent. They live simply . They live together like brothers and sirters. They share there all sad and happy feelings with each other.
I am also living in a beautiful and pleasant village. My village environment is very good .

There is too much greenery whicb cleans our environment and feels us good . There are no facilities in the village like city but there is peace and love among people ☺️.
The ladies in village are much beautiful, simple and innocent. They wear sinple dresses . The ladies in village wash their clothes, dishes at tubewell .
The ladies also take bath there .
Man do their duties in feilds . They take care of crops then harvest them . They sale their crops and get money .
Agriculture is also a grest source of economy in pakistan.
They use tractor and machines in their feilds .
They believe in old traditions . They take care of their neighbors. They gave some part of crops befora saling to their slaves and poor peoples. Here is a picture of wheat 🌾 which wo distribute among poor people.
There are a lot of flowers . Their fragrance spread everywhere in ty village . They feels us happy .


When rain 🌧️ falls the wheater become very beautiful and cool in the village.

The people of village eat simple and healthy food that's why they are more fit and work hard. Ladies make breads in tandoor and the bread of tandoor is very healthy and tasty .


I love my village and the life of village.

There are more things about village to describe . Many traditions which i want to show all of you . I will explain all the traditions next time .
Thanks for giving time to my post πŸ™‚.


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Very nice post keep it up

12.05.2021 09:52