Daily s77assistant Report #38


Welcome to the #38 Daily Edition of s77Assistaneport.

NeNew Functionality Added. Now can send invitations to other steemians and gain points*.


18/8/2019 New Functionality Added. Now you can invite other steemians to join s77assistant group and earn points. Read command list for more info.
18/8/2019 To protect active members minimum SP for registration change to 50SP.
4/8/20194/8/2019 New Functionality Added. now you can use s77assistant to vote other posts. check command list for more info.
28/7/2019 s77assistant now support commands!!!
27/7/2019 Because some seven77 members don't post every day and they loose their vote s77assistant will upvote comments that are less than 4 days old too.
21/7/2019 EnhancedSBI functionality enabled
14/7/2019 s77assistant will inform two unregistered seven77 members every hour about his existence. this is an one time message only
14/7/2019 s77assistant now select a random post that is less than 4 days old to vote and not the last post
14/7/2019 Fixed an issue that tag people that don't want it anymore
13/7/2019 s77assistant will replay to all posts that include introduceyourself tag that are less than 5 days old and inform them about seven77 challenge and s77assistant existence
13/7/2019 I am removing tagname list because too many complaint about that


s77assistant was created by @dragonblades and the purpose is to support all members that delegate power by mainly upvoting their post using all available voting pow( 20% ).

Elle users
ll use users
All users that delegatesistant.

Howto enter
egistro enter
Registration is automatic, you only have to be a fsistant.

Poit System


s77Assistant is based on a point system. Members with more points get higher votes anriority.

Hit works

very d# How it works
Every day at midnight s77assistant will update all users data (delegation, points etc) and wariable.
axPoinvery variable.
maxPointsPerVote will be calculaformula:

*maxPoing formula:

maxPointsPerVot votes

very tts / 10 votes**

Every time vote power i get a vote.
ll total 1will get a vote.
All total 10 votes ( 20% vote power ) will be shared between all s77assistant meformula:

*VoteWfollowing formula:

VoteWeight =erVote

f for / maxPointsPerVote**

If for any reason a member has more points than maxPointsPerVote that points will not be wasted instead it wiers.

Eboosg Points

here a

Earning Points

There aror now):

1. s legation

teemPo (for now):

1. Delegation

SteemPower is the key for s77Assistant toor that.
ore deors must be rewarded for that.
More delegated power mean t higher.
nce a th more and the ROI is higher.
Once a day each member that delegated power to s77Assistant will increformula:
ointsPased on the following formula:
atio / 7
f drag * SteemSBDRatio / 7
if dragonblades delegates 175SP and 1 steem worth 0.4 SBD then e points.

2. 175 * BD/STEEM


2. Transfer SBD/STEEM

Another way to increase your sistant.
or eveing SBD or STEEM to s77Assistant.
For every SBD yo 1 SBD )
or eveet SBD 100 points ( min 1 SBD )
For every Steem you send you wilSteem ).
100 ( min 2 Steem ).
Steem/SBD will be used for other functsistant.

ng Rules
very d s77assistant.

Voting Rules

Every day s77Assistant will use 20% of its power to upvote all regisd order.
. Membs with the following rules and order.

  1. Member with the most points will get a full vote and first.
    . Eachpriority. He/she will be voted first.
  2. Each of the following members will get a vote bch 100%.
    . At tnts every time vote power reach 100%.
  3. At the time of your vote turn if you don't have an unvoted post or comment on a 25 posts depth that is less than 4 days old then s77assistant wi happen.

    s77asthis ands


    1. heppen.

    s77assistant commands


    The s77assistant will execute in sequence all the commands found on yournd list.
    ou cant are included in the following commcomment.

    !inviuse mmian)*.
    ou canand in every comment.

    You can use invite command witt group.
    77assix to invite a member to join s77assistant group.
    s77assistant will comment a post of the steemian you would like to invite with a unique invitation_code and the steps that he/ is 50).
    fter iw to complete the invitation (minimum sp is 50).
    after invitation completes you and the person you invited will get points that are equal to two days of generaD ratio.
    or example:
    f Steesum multiplied by Steem/SBD ratio.
    For example:
    If SteemSBDRatio is 0.25, your delegatedSP is 400 and the person you invited delegates 300SP then botts each.
    ou can (400+300) 0.25 / 7 (2days) = 50points each.
    You can have as many invitaou know.

    Frodon't spam it. invite only steemians you know.

    From now on you canwing syntax:

    *!createrumand createrule and has ight).


    1. memberToVotee power.
      . **poat you want s77assistant to options:
      1. **rte power.
    2. post can have the following options:
      1. random: s77assistant will try to find a post or comment that is unvoted and less than 4 days old to vote. this rule will be used every skipped.
      2. **pnot any available posts/comments this rule is skipped.
      3. permnt rule.
        voant vote the current post and remove the current rule.
    3. voteWeight: eligible values are from 500-10000 (5%-100%) of your calculated vote weight. if rule.voteWeight exceed your veWeight.
      !creaght will be reduce to match 5000)*.
      very d

    **!createrule(@dragonblades,randomd first.
    f you day at your voting round this rule will be applied first.
    if you are eligible for a 100% vote with a vote worth of $0.05 s77assistant will try to find$0.025).
    ou wil comment of user dragonblades and do a 50% vote ($0.025).
    You will getach 100%
    f ther.025) vote when the vote power of s77assistant reach 100%
    if there is not any 0% vote.
    ll votmment the vote will be skipped and you get the 100% voteg rules.

    *!creae applied first if you have more than one voting rules.

    his ruragonblades,actifit-dragonblades-20190801t100954879z,3000)

    This rules will be used only once and will be removed after the s77assistant vot0% vote.
    f the ssistant will vote the current post/comment with a 30% vote.
    if the skipped.

    ou caneady voted by s77assistant then thny time.
    or exakipped.

    you can have multiple vote rules active at any time.
    for example if we combine the two above vote rules s77assistant will ur post.

    your to vote the above posts and the rest 20% to vote your post.

    you have the opti syntax:

    *!remo rule atmeter)
    arametg removerule with the followingoptions:
    parameteg rules.
    alhe following options:

    1. all: will remove all your voting rules.
      . al will remove all your voting rules that select a random ermlink.
      pe allposts: will remove all your voting rules that has a peermlink.
      . @mmlink: will remove your voting rule that has the specific permlinkberName.

      Cand List

      1. table>e all your voting rules with the specific memberName.

      Command List

      !tagme Enable mention on Daily Reports.
      !untagme Removes mention from Dialy Reports.
      !createrule Creates a vote rule that will be applied on your next voting round. you can have multiple vote rules
      !removerule Remove one or many vote rules.

      Enhanian to join s77assistant gronality.
      ost stts.

      Enhanced SteemBast works.

      f you nctionality.
      Most steem members know about SteemBasicIncome and how it works.
      If you don't know what SBI is read this post.
      77assia s77assistant functionality that allows you to earn 50% more SBI / Steem.
      s77assistant is not SteemBasicIncome and don't have theur send.
      ou wilty it is only a middleman that increase your steem by 1 for everysistant.
      nhanceu will get your SBI and your votes from SteemBasicIncome and not s77assistant.
      enhancedSBI already used 51 times and77assistant.


      *Enhanhich 102 was from members and other 51 from s77assistant.


      How cedSBI* is works.

      . You o active members that delegated SP to s77assistant.

      o 2for3.

      . s77aBI** works.

      1. You send a fixed amount of 2 steems to s77assistant with memo 2for3.
      2. s77asaction.
        . s77a memo and enable enhancedSBI. you will earn SBI and not points for this transaction.
      3. s77assistantsername.
        . Steeount by 1 steem and send a total of 3 steems to SteemBasicIncome with your username.
      4. SteemBasicIncoonality)

        enhashaI Rules.

        1. . enhapayment and 1 from s77assistant EnhancedSBI functionality)

        enhancedSBI Rules.

        . You s a fixed amount of 2 steems ( smo only.
        . if yin future if s77assistant grow enough)

        1. You have to include 2for3 teefunded.
          . if y
        2. if you send more or less the transaction will be canceled and you wi shares.

          **En if you senditations

          1. ecauseor3 they will be converted to points and not SBI shares.

          EnhancedSBI Limitations

          Because s77assistant pays for the third steem of every EnhancedSBI transaction this functionality is limited to s77assistant steem balance and can be used onlyonality.
          t curr eligible member. This is to secure that more members cs**.


          At cu
          Full vort only **16 trans0.0261
          All timtable>
          Full vote worth$0.0261

          Active valuemembers.


          Total 24h vote value$0.2533

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