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-Jingi- is not my previous work, it's my original manga that I'm currently working on

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-Jingi- Chapter35↓

Say your name!


Hey! please wait!
We are not enemies! Came from the top of the mountain…

That clothes…from Igusa-village…Nn?
You…Are you sure…Douan-dono?

Eh…? Oh! You are samurai in this village…

Do you know him?

Yeah, He is a Kappa villager who visited this village once a few years ago

Fuu…I thought "guys" came…

"guys"…? perhaps did foreigners come to this village?

Do you know "guys"?

Sure! They came to our village...
We came here with a consultation about that…

…Alright It's better to show you the village than to talk here…please come

Nn? Ah…

You guys came at the right time...
Now we are…
preparing to fight them…!


Nn? That clothes…Are you guys from Igusa-village?

Oh! Are you sure the…

I'm Mayor! I am sorry that the village is noisy…
Why are you suddenly here today…

It seems that foreigners also came to their village…

What's!? really?

Sure…That was just a few days ago...

No way…They came to the deep mountains like your village...

Yeah, Their "hands" seem to spread more widely than expected...

…It seems like a more serious situation than I thought…

Anyway, You guys must have been quite tired on this trip, right?
You should drink tea for the time being

Oh I'm sorry, "Arigatou gozaimasu=※Thank you"

Arigatou gozaimasu

4 days ago…they suddenly came to this village.
The leader man told us...
"Pass this land"
At first we agreed to talk, but their desires were far from acceptable...

Then they threatened us…
"If you don't give it, destroy everything"...
Of course we didn't want to choose the path of war…
But if we accept that desire, they will probably further extend their dominance...

So we chose to fight...
To make them understand that this country can't be controlled so easily...

So we thought of a strategy plan and found a route to get weapons
All amateurs are desperately practicing weapon protect their loved ones... protect their loved ones...
So…When will they come here?

That is 3 days later, They said they would bring in the army…ゃ
I don't know how many army will come…
Anyway, we just do what we can now

…Oh, I'm sorry for only talking about us
So what about your village?
You've come to us with requirements about that, right?

Yes, about that...

We will fight together in this village


They will come to our village 6 days later...
We left the village 4 days ago to borrow weapons and manpower.
But there was a lot more confusion than expected...
And after listening to you, I realized that it was not just a problem for our village…
To be honest, our village couldn't afford to help other villages…
We could only think of ourselves with fear of losing the village and loved ones…

But if we return to our village now, we can return to this village tomorrow…
Even if we couldn't repulse them all here,
If they see our power, they should no longer come to our village and around village…
Let's fight together...
To protect loved ones…!

Is there any reason for refusing such an thankful offer?
Let's cooperate together…we also protect you villagers…!

So…we will be back here tomorrow.
Now that another samurai is coming to our village, I think that if he helps us, our strength will greatly increase…

Alright There are many weapons here so that you only need to bring a minimum of things...
I'll prepare you with a lot of food and welcome your villagers...

Arigatou gozaimasu=※Thank you

Oh! Can I leave the other baggage here? Either way, I'll be back...


Did the arrow hit mayor...?
Kkukkukku…Unfortunately…I can't "talk" with you again…

HaaAAa…I got it…

So…I will make a new proposal…
Let's talk it with weapons...!

The next chapter is scheduled 6 days later but It may be in 9 days later

My work process in this chapter↓

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
It is a traditional Japanese paper made from 1300 years ago.
This is my Washi of post↓

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