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The Third Nonsense Writing Contest - Prizes Worth 30 STEEM - Ends Sun 9 Feb Jan (Day 1 of 10)

New contest, new image, new quote, new nonsense.

One new rule, so please read these.

Grounding Rules

= This Third Nonsense Writing Contest will run for 10 days.
= Starting date is Friday 31 January, hence the end date is Sunday 9 February.
= A shortlist will then be published and voted upon for two days.
= The nonsense writing may be verse or prose, with or without rhyme or reason.
= A user may submit up to two pieces.
= Works may be in any language, but I would strongly advise to add an English translation, even if it is gobbledeegoogle.
= Submissions may be inserted directly into a comment below or published as a post with a comment link. You will, however, get more notice and rewards with a post.
= You may submit an older piece, so long as it hasn't been submitted before.

= Prizes shall total at least 30 MAXUV tokens, valued at 30 STEEM, to be distributed during the second week.
= Writers shortlisted will win 2 MAXUV each, final winners will win an extra 5 MAXUV each.
= Prize values are subject to whimsical change.
= I shall post updates and include any notable entries received thus far.

I shall publish updates every couple of days with links to new submissions.
I shall also scatter a variety of votes and tokens to writers, commenters and resteemers.

The main aim is to be uninhibited and to break any rules you feel need breaking.

I could write a whole essay on the above quote - probably multiple essays. I will resist, or desist.

Truth is beautiful, while the false is ugly.

How do you react to "2+2=7"?

Or "You are an idiot"?

One is confusion, the other (probably) revulsion.

We are a very special kind of computer, in the sense of computing experiences, in that the hardware is trying to minimise energy.

Laziness is an optimisation algorithm.

But this also means that any objective truth is sacrificed to our own existing reality construct. And that construct could bear a very tenuous relationship to the rest of the universe. It merely has to keep you alive, avoid falling into drains and successfully procreate.

Stupidity is also highly efficient - unless it kills you. But you died peacefully, and blissfully ignorant that soup is a good conductor of electricity.

What the brain really hates - and hence what the mind really hates - is being stuck in a loop. Indecision, procrastination and deep thinking take time and energy; energy that could be used to text strangers, buy alcohol and procreate - often in that order.

The mental constructs do not need to be true, they just need to be pragmatic and bounce when you drop them.

To shatter such illusions is the road to nonsense.

For a while, anyway.

Image: Photo by Cindy Tang on Unsplash, Quote by Carl Gustav Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections (1963).

I need to make this footer more meaningful.

As always, a spray of benefits will be showered upon anyone who does something in public.

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