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The Second Nonsense Writing Contest - The Winners - Prizes Worth 30 STEEM

This is going to be very very quick as here it is very very late and I need to wake up very very early.

The clear winner of the voting poll is @fitinfun and my personal award goes to @stormcharmer.

Congratulations to both of you - and to all the finalists!

All the prizes will be given out tomorrow.

I may even edit this to make it wider.

For now, goodnight!

PS. A freshly minted contest will also start tomorrow.

Now awake and alert, let me tidy up a few loose ends.
All Finalists and Winners have now been sent their MAXUV prize tokens. Well done!
In the midst of all this activity, there was a Paying Attention Award - nobody won it.
However, there was also a Keep Mum prize, which goes to @ecoinstant for not blabbing the answer and holding his tongue - you can let go now.
I think that's it folks.

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