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New Nonsense Writing Contest - The Winners! - Total Prizes Worth 42 STEEM - (Final Day of 10)

We have come to the end of the road and hit a voting wall. I posted a comment to both close the poll and announce the winners, knowing that I had a few other things to do before posting this post.

Congratulations to the first winners of the First Nonsense Writing Contest:
@fitinfun for More Nonsense for @rycharde's Contest;
@enginewitty for Sosnesne Righting Countess;
@filosof103 for Aus dem abenteuerlichen Leben von Karl May.

@fitinfun came top of our poll in terms of number of votes, @enginewitty came top in terms of stake-weighted votes and @filosof103 was my personal choice.

I hope @filosof103 continues his poem, and perhaps adds a translation in English (even if an online transmutation) just to broaden readership. His slightly macabre slapstick deserves a wider audience.

Oh yeah, prizes! Each shall receive 4 MAPR tokens on top of the 2 already received.

The total prize pool for this First Nonsense Writing Contest has grown to 38 MAPR tokens, equivalent to about 42 STEEM

So... as the curtain falls on one contest, it shall open again tomorrow, Friday, for the Second Nonsense Writing Contest.

Over and out!

Click me, Hardy!

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