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New Nonsense Writing Contest - Prizes Worth Over 30 STEEM - Ends Sun 12 Jan (Day 5 of 10)

This is the second update to the launch post, I'll try to post every couple of days till the end of this first Nonsense Contest.

This was due to be longer but have been skittled by a bug and well, need to be more clear-headed to paint fog.

So, here, instead, below is a short video.

What's this all about?

Quick summary:

This Nonsense Writing Contest will run for 10 days.
Starting date is Thursday 2 January, hence the end date is Sunday 12 January.
The nonsense writing may be verse or prose.
A user may submit up to two pieces.
Submissions may be inserted directly into a comment below or published as a post with a comment link.
Prizes shall total at least 28 MAPR tokens, valued at over 30 STEEM, to be distributed during the second week.
I shall post updates and include any notable entries received thus far.


Nonsense literature tends to be associated with children's books and yet the aims and techniques also appear in other branches of subversion, such as Dada, Surrealism and even Pataphysics and Discordianism.

Here's a brief introduction to Dada:

Nonsense submitted

Here are the most recent additions to our Contest. An increasing number now appear as comments, and untitled, so I assume they are entries - they may, of course, be mere gibber jousting to get in some practice.

untitled comment by @ecoinstant

The Bleeken Nod by @bia.birch

“Hatha hend abounde!” by @bia.birch

Camping report by @eturnerx

untitled comment by @carlgnash

Here is the previous list of writing submitted so far.

Factual Fiction. by @thehive

¿New Year's Resolutions? Bleh! by @por500bolos

The flying nonsense (words that seem to fly straight into your ear and to your brain) by @sayee

Flash fiction: After all, what is the meaning of life ..., original by @janaveda by erm... @janaveda

Please show your appreciation by appreciating their posts.

Keep them coming in!

And finally...

As in the previous post, and in sublime need of resteems, I shall give some tokens or upvotes to all who spread the word. Thanks!

Just to add that small upvotes on comments are really quite useless now, so I may upvote a post instead if one is available.

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