Insomniac Movie Marathon: Iron Eagle II


Iron Eagle II is a sequel to, well, Iron Eagle and stars Lou Gossett Jr., as Chappie Sinclair, and a bunch of folks whom I don’t remember ever seeing before or since (as well as a couple of Canadians I do know but they’re unmemorable).

Sinclair is leading a strike force made up of American and Soviet pilots and soldiers, tasked with taking out a rogue nuclear site in an unnamed, middle eastern country. The Americans and Soviets don’t get along. Hijinks ensue.
The film is really not good. It’s an 80s movie that tries too hard but keeps all the stereotypes and jingoistic attitudes that only work some of the time, depending on the filmmaking I guess. It doesn’t work here.

The dialogue is painful, the set-ups obvious and kind of stupid.

It is not good.

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I enjoyed the original Iron Eagle as a kids but never really cared for any of the sequels.

22.11.2019 22:44